Guinness, treated Football fans to an immersive encounter  at the K1 Klubhouse as the much-awaited English Premier League (EPL) season made a return.

The highlight of the event was the grand reward for one consumer who was granted an exclusive matchday experience as a drone delivered a perfectly chilled Guinness, and a remote control, precisely timed for kick-off in the season’s inaugural match. The lucky fan also walked away with a 55-inch Television, a Guinness goblet, a Jersey and a Guinness bottle opener.

In addition, Guinness rewarded five consumers who participated in the predict and win challenge with branded hampers for correctly predicting the scores of the first match between Arsenal and Nottingham Forest which ended with a score of 2-1.

Reflecting on the event, Guinness Marketing Manager Henrietta Reed said, “We are thrilled to have created a matchday experience that united football fans and shared moments. Matchdays are made by the fans and Guinness knows that each fan brings something different to the table to make the Matchday Shine Brightest. Guinness has always been at the heart of football celebrations, and this Weekend was a testament to that spirit.”

Guinness continues to be a pioneer in enhancing the way fans engage with football, creating moments that linger in the memory long after the final whistle. This unique matchday experience underscores the brand’s commitment to bringing people together.