Guinness has announced that it will host a live football viewing collaborating with some of the most passionate football fans on November 11 & 12 at the EDGE Convention Centre.

“At Guinness we’re just as passionate about football as our fans are. We know that the fans are the true heart of football, their passion, energy and knowledge of the game is what makes the fandom experience in Kenya so special. That’s why we’re putting the fans’ voice and experience at the centre of this epic event. From screen positioning and audio quality – down to the comfort of the seating, tastiness of the snacks and of course the coldness of the Guinness, we’ve carefully considered every little detail to ensure that our fans have the unforgettable experience they deserve.’’ Guinness Marketing Manager Henrietta Reed.

As part of its commitment to the fans, Guinness assembled a committee of the most passionate football fans in Kenya. The Guinness Committee led by The Chairman; G Money brought their specific expertise and the voice of the fans to curate a next level live football viewing experience that is made by the fans, for the fans and carefully crafted by Guinness.

Matchday Optics Officer, Zuhum Omar searched with Guinness to find the optimum HD screens so that no fan missed any matchday moment. Entertainment Officer, Lotan Salapei, selected Kenya’s top music icons including Fena Gitu and Bien Aime to continue the celebrations post-match. Director of Drinks Analysis, Carol Radull perfected the temperature of the Guinness fridges to ensure that fans enjoyed every moment of the action with a perfectly chilled Guinness.

Guinness will be celebrating those football fans whose knowledge of the game goes to the next level with fantastic prizes to be won including the ultimate matchday experience of being whisked off to catch the action in real life in England.