The TikTok community has refined creative expression on its platform following the launch of longer videos on TikTok.

Longer videos on TikTok have unlocked a wide range of possibilities for the community, making room for expanded creativity and entertainment. As a result, TikTok videos longer than one minute receive up to or over 5 billion views globally.

These videos include content from sneak peeks into the personal lives of creators and celebrities, to working days in weird and wonderful vocations or more relatable content created by stay at home sons and daughters on TikTok.

TikTok has reiterated its value for real feedback and insights to help in enhancing user experience for its community. To further understand what drives the popularity of longer videos, particularly vlogs or day-in-the-life videos, TikTok partnered with social psychology expert Dr. Shira Gabriel, an Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Buffalo.

Dr. Gabriel noted that people are watching day-in-the-life content on platforms such as TikTok to be entertained not only because it mimics life, but it fosters connection and belonging. “Entertainment is very personal. What one person finds interesting and inspiring may be very different to their friends or family. When we watch vlogs featuring celebrities and personalities, we feel connected to them as we’re getting a peek into their day-to-day lives. By mimicking real-life interactions, video is a powerful tool to help form bonds and relationships. It makes us feel like we belong,” he explains.

Inspired by the popularity of day-in-the-life longer videos, Discover My World on TikTok features some of the world’s most popular creators and celebrities as they showcase their creativity and bring their stories to life through longer videos on TikTok.

Popular celebrities and personalities often use this feature to offer a sneak peek into their lives through their own vlogs.