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Kenyan songstress Muthoni Drummer Queen (real name Muthoni Ndonga) has released a collaboration single dubbed Love Potion featuring Afro-pop boy band Sauti Sol.

The new single which is a fusion of dancehall and R&B, was written by Muthoni and all 4 members of Sauti Sol. The track was produced by Swiss producer combo GR and Hook as part of the their 3rd collaborative studio project, and the 4th for Muthoni.

Speaking on the new single, Muthoni had this to say, “This song has such a vibe! Initially I had the melody, verses and chorus but GR was not that convinced with the 2nd verse, so we thought to bring the skeleton to Sauti Sol and see if they could help re-work the track. Bien, Savara and Polycarp immediately thought we could develop other verses, so we kept one segment of the verse and chorus and started the writing again. After we were done, we all loved the track except Bien!”

“So we started to make another song in Feb 2019, but a few months later, we circled back to the track during the 1st round of shortlisting for the album and Bien suddenly loved the song again! So we completed the song and Polycarp did some additional production and we shot the video immediately before anyone could change their mind again. Lol. I am glad it worked out though, we all really love the song!” she added.

  • Written and performed by: Muthoni Drummer Queen, Delvin Savara Mudigi, Bien Aime Baraza, Willis Austin Chimano and Polycarp Otieno.
  • Music composed and produced by: GR and Hook
  • Music arranged by: GR & Hook, Polycarp Otieno, Santo and Baptiste Bouli Amstutz
  • Video production: Callivan Creatives
  • Director/ D.O.P: Ivan Odie
  • Asst. Director: Ashley Cy Baru
  • Producer: Marlene Bett, Joe Mahinda
  • Styling: Lucy Robi
  • Make-up artist: Mokeira Oyaro