As our insatiable need for content expands, so does the number of content creators who are willing to try and satisfy this need. The Kenyan vlogging space has grown and is still growing giving us a variety of channels dedicated to fashion, make-up, food, hair and travel.

If you are looking for new YouTube channels to binge on, check out the new kids on the block in the Kenyan YouTube space. Here is a list of 16 Kenyan YouTube channels you should be watching.

1. Edgar Obare

Edgar is a great storyteller. His has something to say about almost everything under the sun. From relationships to house hunting and commentary on what’s trending in pop culture and doesn’t shy away when nominated for a challenge by a fellow vlogger.

2. Wahura Kabutha

She tells stories about her personal experiences with such honesty and humor, it’s hard not to fall in love with her. She gets a 10 for being super relatable.

3. Ivy Melania

Her vlog gives you a sneak peek into the life of UoN student. Although she just graduated so it will be interesting to see what she segues into. Her channel has skits of various aspects of campus life, day vlogs and travel videos.

4. Nelly Mwangi

Fashion and beauty vlogger Nelly shares all there need to know about wardrobe essentials, putting together banging outfits, and her two cents on make-up and scents.

5. Ordinary Folk

Apart from blowing us away with his amazing vocals, Josh Simano, one half of the former Amos and Josh crew also runs a YouTube channel, Ordinary Folk with his wife Chep. They talk about their marriage, pregnancy, sex and spirituality.

6. Caty Ngau

Caty Ngau vlogs about varied aspects of her life and what it’s like being queer in Kenya.

7. Maureen Kunga

Maureen Kunga (who is part of the Elani band) vlogs about her weight loss journey, shares healthy recipes and lets us in on some hair styling tutorials to achieve some of her favourite looks.

8. Kymberli

Kimberli’s is a lifestyle blogger whose content covers everything from fashion, to skincare, and stories about life’s lessons drawn from her experiences.

9. The Vault

Hosted by Majessty, the Vault is a lifestyle web series where Majessty takes the celebrities he interviews on random adventures within and outside the city as he gets to know what they are all about.

10. Mercy Stacy

This channel is the ultimate go to site for life hacks, DIYs, lifestyle content and simple recipes that you can try at home.

11. This Kenyan Vegan

Thinking of going vegan? Or are already vegan? Whatever the case, this channel might be worth looking at for tasty vegan recipes, and what you need to know along your vegan journey.

12. Grace Ndiege

Watch her channel for unbeatable DIY home decor tips and other life hacks.


13. Taruri Gatere

Watch Taruri’s channel for mind body and soul TLC as she shares in spiritual development and self love.

14.  Sandy Joan

Sandy takes us through her journey as a plus size model in Kenya in this fun and interactive channel.

15. UKE Webcast

A group of friends talk about navigating womanhood in this exciting web cast.

16. Nairobi Kitchen

 If you enjoy making sumptoous meals for your guests or for yourself, then Nairobi Kitchen is a must watch for recipes that will your taste buds begging for more.

17. TurnUp in Motion

Turnup is an experintial travel company that organizes unique trips in Kenya and around the region. Their Turnup in Motion channel shares various experiences from places they have been.