Businessman Eddie Ndichu and his twin brother Paul Ndichu has been accused of  allegedly assaulting a woman who turned down their advances down at Emara Ole Sereni Hotel on Sunday night.

In a string of videos from an unknown source shared online, the two brothers can be seen beating up a  lady in black jeans and didn’t stop even after her sister tried to intervene. In the video, the fight went on for a while and at some point, one of the brothers tried to break the side mirror of a nearby car.

Eddie’s twin brother Paul is the ex to NTV presenter Grace Msalame who at some point revealed that he was abusive and would beat her up when she was pregnant.

The disturbing and shocking expose comes amid rumours that Philanthropist Janet Mbugua and Eddie are no longer together. The two haven’t been spotted in public for a long time. They also unfollowed each other on Instagram and deleted photos taken together. Paul has also allegedly parted ways with his wife Maureen.

The two brothers are the founders of Wapi Pay, a Kenyan startup which recently raised Ksh. 239 Million in pre-seed funding to scale up global payments and remittances between Africa and Asia.

The startup is headquartered in Nairobi but registered in Singapore. It currently operates in China, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, India, Taiwan and Vietnam  where it is working with local banks and platforms.