The Board of Directors of Wapi Pay, have announced that the company’s co-founders, Paul Ndichu who is the Chief Executive Officer and Eddie Ndichu who is an Executive Director will step aside with immediate effect to allow investigations to take place.

This is after the duo were  accused of  allegedly assaulting a woman who turned down their advances down at Emara Ole Sereni Hotel on Sunday night. In a string of videos from an unknown source shared online, the two brothers can be seen beating up a  lady in black jeans and didn’t stop even after her sister tried to intervene. In the video, the fight went on for a while and at some point, one of the brothers tried to break the side mirror of a nearby car.

This is the latest fallout for the twin brothers after, Kepple Africa Ventures announced that it plans to pull out from it’s investment in fintech company Wapi Pay. The Kepple Africa pull out was announced on Twitter and LinkedIn by General Partners Satoshi Shinada and Takahiro Kanzaki. In a post, Satoshi said that the company has zero tolerance on the kind of conduct that the Ndichu brothers have been accused of. He further stated that the company will relinquish all the rights of Kepple Africa’s investment in Wapi Pay.

The Board of the Association of Fintechs in Kenya also announced the resignation of Eddie Ndichu as a board member pending formal investigations into the matter. This is after the Board convened a special meeting on Tuesday 19th October, 2021.

The management of Ole Sereni Hotel also released a statement denouncing the incident. In the statement, the hotel management indicated that they had become aware of disturbing pictures and videos which were circulating online about the incident. They further stated that;

“At the onset, please note that we do not condone any such behaviour as we have an obligation to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all our guests. While there was an incident, it was isolated and out of character for our operations. The hotel security intervened immediately to prevent further violence and the manager on duty promptly contacted the police, who took control of the matter. We are aware that no arrests were made and as such we have no further comment at this stage.”