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Two sisters, Sheryl Murgor and Stephanie Murgor, accusing Eddie Ndichu and Paul Ndichu of assault have told their side of the story on what happened on the night of the alleged attack on Saturday night.

Speaking during a press conference, the sisters explained that they were attending a wedding party at a city hotel when one of them was approached by one of the Ndichu twins who was dressed in black.

Sheryl and Stephanie told journalists that the man in black made inappropriate remarks towards the latter and she told him off noting that he is married to a media personality, Janet Mbugua.

According to the Murgor sisters, this is what led to the confrontation that was captured in a video clip that went viral on social media. Stephanie claimed that when she decided to leave one of the brothers verbally attacked her and then proceeded to strangle her.
Her boyfriend jumped in to rescue her but he was also allegedly assaulted, according to accounts by the 22-year-old’s lawyer and uncle Senior Counsel Phillip Murgor.

The sisters who were in the company of two other people stated that they left the premises and the twin brothers followed them to the hotel lobby.

The sisters further accused the Ndichu twins of damaging their friend’s car and referenced the video which had gone viral showing one of the brothers in a white T-shirt, struggling with a car side-mirror.

Senior Counsel Murgor termed the incident which involved his nieces as unfortunate and vowed to pursue justice for the duo.

He thanked the police and the hotel’s security for intervening in the matter and urged the Ole Sereni Hotel to release CCTV footage that will be used as evidence in the case. Murgor also urged the police to expedite investigations into the matter.

The Senior Counsel also claimed that his nieces were threatened with guns by the Ndichu twins adding that such revelations made the case urgent.

The management of Ole Sereni Hotel recently released a statement on the matter, indicating that they were aware of disturbing pictures and videos which were circulating online about the incident.

The brother’s company Wapi Pay also announced that Eddie and Paul would step aside with immediate effect to allow investigations to take place.