Rider starts with eerie whispers and the distant cries of an infant, pacing both Khali’s and Petra’s movement in the opening scene. The former dragging an unconscious man in a trolley cart while the latter is wearing a strap harness with swords as she ascends a flight of steps.

The blue grey filter that palls the video portends the aggression of the visuals and the lyrics. Rider’s beat starts with an almost startling hi hat, transitioning into a heavy bass drum kick layered underneath a subtle snare and an 808 bass sound that is guaranteed to reverbrate through the speakers when you crank up the volume.

Petra starts of the song rapping fluently in Kiswahili, the lyrics introducing an alpha female persona which she asserts by stabbing the platter of raw meat before her and finishing off with a shrug that she is better than ‘Samantha’ before she passes the baton to Khaligraph who delivers a flawless response in tandem with her verse.

The track is braggadocious, both of them affirming they are hip hop juggernauts with no equals. Petra has quite the repertoire, from relatively successful singles to collaborations with The band Becca and her protégé Empress. This collaboration with Khaligraph just might be song that propels her to mainstream success like her counterpart because she is quite underrated and her talent needs to be blasted far and wide.

The song was produced by Motif of Blu Ink studios and the video directed by Kevin Bosco Jr. Sagini who has also featured in the  remix of the single Mat za Rongai provides extra background vocals.