Love me didn’t quite strike a chord with me but to be fair, the production quality in both the video and audio is great. I also appreciated the duality of the song, managing to be a sweet love song and yet a cautionary tale. This gave the song a semblance of complexity.

Calvo Mistari’s and Bobby Mapesa’s verse are juxtapositions of each other. While the former takes on a more soothing approach, making promises of change, the latter being blase. Bobby is brusque, almost taunting in the beginning of  his verse, telling her that if she was one to leave, then she would have left and that she is his forever. He quickly changes his tone however, and starts to fill her ear with endearments. I enjoyed his verse because it portrayed a more complex persona. The irritability at the beginning which morphed into desperation, hence the endearments, when he realizes, his words might end up counteractive in his intent on salvaging his rocky relationship. What I enjoy about Bobby’s songs is the down to earth feel and his ability to draw simile and metaphor from every day life, which makes his music relatable.

Bobby Mapesa and Calvo Mistari make the duo BC. They unveiled their merger while releasing their debut album, titled BC last year. The album is available for download on iTunes, Boomplay and Google Play.