Kenyan artist Muthoni Drummer Queen has released African Fever, the 4th single in her upcoming album titled River. African Fever is produced by Swiss producer combo GR and Hook, as part of the their 3rd collaborative studio project and the 4th for Muthoni.

African Fever celebrates the rise of an intergenerational Afro-consciousness, pride and excellence. As more Africans embrace the African culture, language, music, art and fashion, African Fever aims to be the soundtrack to the global shine that Africa has long deserved and is finally getting.

Speaking on her newly released single, an excited Muthoni said, “African Fever was one of the best writing sessions we had. The idea started in 2018, we wanted to make an African Reggaeton-esq song that could work literally everywhere in the world and expose people to the melodic nature of Kiswahili. I hummed the melody from the start with some mumble words and GR x Hook figured out the core of the beat in that session and in the next few days. The main thing that was missing were exact words for the chorus, so in 2019, I sat with Fena Gitu and we figured out what I was trying to say through the mumble and boom the chorus came together.”

  • Written and performed by: Muthoni Drummer Queen, Fena Gitu, Bien Aime Baraza
  • Production, composition and arrangement: GR and Hook
  • Mixing: Pascal Deshayes at Royal Studios, Lausanne Mastering: Philippe Weiss, Paris
  • Director/ D.O.P: Ludovic Damiano
  • Video producer: Marlene Bett
  • Assistant camera: Gatehi Mwaniki
  • Stylist: Lucy Robi
  • Make up artist: Dennis Karuri
  • Choreography: Tali
  • Dancers: Tonni Neisanker, Eunice Mwikali