This was the first time I had heard of Dandora Music and I am glad Dangerous Love was the track that introduced me to them because their sound was as refreshing as a cold breeze on a sunny day (it’s a corny line, I know). I was craving something different, whatever gods rule the universe know that, and Dangerous love was the something different I was yearning for.

The video starts with one of their members (I am yet to know whom, but as I get acquainted to their music, I will be able to tell them apart) and his wife being kicked out of the house they are staying in for failure to pay the rent. The wife is livid, the reason being her husband’s inability to provide for them.

After this scene, the song begins with such flawless rap on a verse that is the beginning of the narration of the history of this couple’s woes. He explains how their poverty, which the wife places squarely on him led her to look down upon him. The irony here though, is that, it is the wife’s frivolous demands are the reason they are in that situation in the first place. What is funny is, that once the man has his come up, his ex wife suddenly regains her love for him.

The talented Kemunto sings the hook, where she personifies the ex wife, who begs that she be taken back. Her vocals flow smoothly to Ayrosh who sings the chorus, seamlessly transitioning from English to Kikuyu, his signature in the music he creates or features in.

Throughout the video, shots of an uppity lady appear populate the frames. Probably a symbol of the vanity of the said ex wife who is the cause of the man’s financial downfall.

The theme of heartbreak and regret runs through the entire song.

Dandora music is an outfit composed of five members, Francis Demesi aka Franso Kenya, Chris Oyola aka Krizey, Dennis aka Denno, Elisha, and Fode; graduates of Dandora Music School. Since 2012, which was the year the group formed, they have released 3 albums, Nothing but the Truth, Grass 2 Grace, and Looking up.

The song was produced by Kanyeria who has worked with Kenyan and Tanzanian artists including, P-Unit, Juliani, Jua Cali, Ali Kiba and Matonya.

The video was produced by Johnson Kyalo.