HMD Global has announced a rebrand, whereby HMD will now stand for Human Mobile Devices. With the rebrand, they will be creating new HMD original devices as well as continue to sell Nokia phones.

As part of its evolution, HMD will now be about making phones that are affordable, beautiful, desirable, and repairable.

Sanmeet Singh Kochhar, Vice President, AMEA region at HMD Global said, “At HMD Global, our mission in the AMEA – Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa – region is clear: innovate, sustain, and collaborate to transform mobile technology. Our dedication goes beyond creating devices. It is about ushering in a future where technology is not only universally accessible and environmentally responsible but also embodies the principles of repairability and durability. This vision propels us towards operational excellence and sets a new benchmark for what it means to be truly innovative in our industry.”

As means of combating E-waste, HMD has substantially reduced the number of steps it takes to fix the screen. You can say goodbye to phone separation due to a broken screen and get swept up in the ‘FIY’ (Fix it Yourself) movement.

HMD indicated that they are all about human innovation which means making normally expensive digital tools globally accessible and affordable. In the coming months, they are launching a smartphone that is a platform for innovation, making technology more accessible to more communities around the world.

Today, they have released the first version toolkit for developers and businesses, which contains design files and information on software integration, which is available now on our website.  “We are embracing open innovation, making sure people and businesses can augment their phones to fit their needs.”

HMD had this to say, “We want to champion many people’s creativity- which is leaps and bounds beyond what we can achieve solo. The potential is endless. These could be as simple as a case with an extended battery, a bespoke fashion-forward outfit, a payment terminal, barcode scanners, or even portable, connected medical equipment, it really is a blank canvas for creativity.”

HMD indicated that it aims to redefine screen time, champion repairability, and forge meaningful partnerships as part of a multi-brand vision.  They will be bringing back an iconic phone in the coming months as well as a stellar lineup of exciting new brands.

HMD also announced a groundbreaking partnership with Mattel and with Barbie, highlighting their joint dedication to shake things up, empower connections, and enable some quiet amidst digital noise and interruptions. The Barbie Flip Phone will arrive this summer 2024. Promising style, nostalgia, and a much-needed digital detox, this retro feature phone is expected to flip the script on smartphone culture and will be this summer’s hottest accessory.

Jean-Francois Baril, HMD Co-founder, Chairman and CEO, “In our seven-year journey, collaboration and support has allowed us to achieve so much. And we have plans to do so much more as we introduce the world to the new HMD. We want to be a catalyst for positive and profitable change by embracing a multi-brand strategy: crafting new HMD original devices, creating Nokia phones, and collaborating with well-known global partners.”