The Safal MRM Foundation participated in a tree planting initiative to commemorate National Tree Planting Day. The event took place at Heritage Children’s Home Sabaki, symbolizing the Foundation’s commitment to environmental sustainability and community engagement.

The initiative saw the active participation from the Safal MRM Foundation, Mabati Rolling Mills employees, community members, and stakeholders, who joined hands to plant trees and contribute to the increase of Kenya’s forest cover. Mr Sarit Shah, Chairman of the Safal MRM Foundation and an avid advocate for environmental stewardship, led the efforts, emphasizing the importance of sustainable practices in corporate social investments (CSI).

“We are thrilled with the success of our tree-planting initiative, and I want to extend my gratitude to everyone who participated. It is great to see the community come together for a shared goal of creating a greener, more sustainable environment. As a company, we will continue our commitment to initiatives that positively impact the communities we serve”.

“As a company, one of our values is caring for the environment and the support offered here today is a testament to that. Thank you to all who took time to come and make a difference,” Mr. Dipti Mohanty, CEO Mabati Rolling Mills.

The event not only served as a celebration of National Tree Planting Day but also aimed to raise awareness about the importance of sustainable practices and the role of businesses in environmental conservation.

The company believes that this Inaugural Public holiday is a step towards building a more sustainable future for the county and encourages other organizations to join hands in environmental conservation.

Mabati Rolling Mills Limited is the flagship company of the Safal Group, Africa’s Building Solutions manufacturer, operating across multiple countries on the continent.