Mabati Rolling Mills (MRM) have partnered with photographer Tatiana Karanja to host a workshop for students at the KWS Nairobi Safari Walk.

The company, a member of the Safal Group, hosted the workshop through their recently launched environmental photography competition Safal Eye in the Wild initiative, and in collaboration

The workshop was set to inspire the youth and photographers to use their
voices through art to tell their stories. The facilitator, Tatiana Karanja is a judge in this year’s Safal Eye in the Competition that was launched in July 30 2023 with a theme of Drought. To combat this crisis, the workshop was organized not only to educate the pupils about the art and technique of photography but also to encourage them to focus their lenses on solutions to environmental conservation. Renowned photographers and environmentalists led the workshop, providing expert guidance on photography techniques, storytelling, and editing.

The heart of the workshop is the Safal Eye in the Wild competition. Participants this year are challenged to capture images that showcase innovative solutions to combat drought, such as water conservation practices, sustainable agriculture, and community initiatives. The competition not only encourages creativity but also
drives awareness about practical approaches to drought mitigation.

The Gold award winner received USD 3,000, the Silver award winner USD 2,000, and the Bronze award winner USD 1,000. Additionally, other cash prizes and gifts awarded to outstanding entries.

Tatiana Karanja, one of the judges for the Safal Eye in the Wild 2023 competition
and key trainer of the workshop stated that, “Photography has the power to
communicate different issues affecting our communities. Through this workshop,
we aim to cultivate a culture where the future generation of photographers can
confidently use their art in voicing issues and solutions affecting them.”

The event took place at the KWS, Nairobi Safari Walk with Samsung Electronics
East Africa supporting the workshop by offering their S23 Ultra devices to support
the learning session for the pupils. Mabati Rolling Mills Limited (MRM) is the flagship company of the Safal Group, Africa’s  steel roofing manufacturer, operating across multiple countries.

More details about the Safal Eye in the Wild competition

Prizes: 1st Place: [USD 3,000] 2nd Place: [USD 2,000] 3rd Place: [USD 1,000], People’s Choice: [USD 500]

Submission Guidelines: Visit and follow the submission guidelines.

Entrants can submit up to three high-resolution photographs, accompanied by a brief description highlighting the environmental message behind each image.