Pwani Oil, a renowned company in the edible oils, personal care, and detergents industry, has proudly launched its latest innovation, Sawa Milking Jelly, an all-natural and preservative-free product that offers the dual benefits of skincare and milking.

This groundbreaking addition to the Sawa product line represents a significant step in diversifying the brand’s offerings.

For years, the Sawa brand has been synonymous with high-quality bathroom soap, body wash and handwash products. Sawa Milking Jelly comes in to bridge a growing demand for a natural and versatile solution that caters to the cosmetic needs of consumers while also fulfilling the essential requirements of the dairy industry.

“We are pleased to introduce Sawa Milking Jelly to the Kenyan market. It is a product that truly exemplifies our dedication to innovation and the well-being of our customers,” said Pwani Oil’s Commercial Director Rajul Malde. “The success of our Sawa brand has inspired us to expand our offerings, and this launch represents a significant milestone in our journey.”

Sawa Milking Jelly is a game-changer for Kenyan households, farmers, and consumers alike. Unlike traditional milking aids, this innovative product contains no preservatives or artificial additives, ensuring that both human users and dairy animals experience the purest and most natural benefits. It embodies Pwani Oil’s commitment to delivering products of exceptional quality.

The dual-purpose nature of Sawa Milking Jelly makes it a must-have for both skincare and dairy use. Its nourishing properties are perfect for enhancing the health and appearance of the skin. Meanwhile, it offers a safe and gentle solution for farmers during the milking process. This versatility is set to simplify daily routines, saving both time and money for those who embrace it.

The Sawa Milking Jelly launch underscores Pwani Oil’s mission to provide products that improve the lives of Kenyan consumers. By diversifying its product range to cater to multiple needs, the company is demonstrating its commitment to sustainable and natural solutions for both personal care and agriculture
Sawa Milking Jelly can be used for both skin care and milking purposes.

· Its natural moisturizing properties enhance the skin’s condition.

· Sawa Milking Jelly adds onto Pwani Oil’s catalogue of personal care products that include toilet soaps, body wash and hand wash