Smirnoff Kenya has announced the return of the Smirnoff Battle of the Beats Season 3. A DJ competition that’s set to champion the expression of progressive creativity in the DJing industry.

Following the success of the two previous seasons and the unearthing of exceptional talents, Season 3 promises to raise the bar even higher. Over the next six thrilling months, consumers will be witnessing a competition of unparalleled magnitude and grandeur.

Smirnoff TM is introducing a national format that’s all about celebrating Kenya’s rich and diverse musical tapestry. From the mystic Mountains to the serene Lakes, the vibrant Coast, bustling Nairobi, and the enigmatic Rift, DJs from every corner of this musical wonderland will converge to vie for the illustrious title of the undisputed Smirnoff Battle of the Beat (SBOB) Season 3 champion.

Get ready to groove to the tunes of Kenya’s most eminent and respected spin maestros, as they don the hats of official judges for this epic showdown: DJ Grauchi, DJ Malaika and DJ Karowski,. Their seasoned expertise is the guarantor that this competition will remain the ultimate proving ground for the country’s cream-of-the-crop DJs.

This competition seamlessly melds with the larger-than-life Smirnoff TM’s We Do We campaign, a vibrant global initiative that boldly celebrates the magic of unity. It’s a symphony of diverse people, ingredients, and flavours coming together to create something extraordinary.

This campaign invites consumers to express their authentic selves, fostering a sense of unity and belonging. Smirnoff believes that we’re stronger together, and this campaign, infused with fresh, colourful energy, represents the most significant platform shift in over a decade.

Smirnoff Kenya Brand Manager Brigid Wambua said: “Calling all aspiring DJs! Share your electrifying 2-3-minute DJing performance on Instagram or Facebook, tagging @smirnoffke and using the hashtags #WeDoWe and #SBOB.

Here’s the lowdown of the spectacular journey this competition will undertake:

The Auditions

The pulse-pounding auditions will take center stage across the Mountain, Lake, Coast, Nairobi, and Rift regions. It all kicks off in Thika, but stay tuned for further audition dates to be announced on the official Smirnoff social media platforms – Instagram and Facebook.

The Top 20

Our meticulous organizers and discerning judges will meticulously select the crème de la crème from the video submissions, forging the elite Top 20.

The Thika Showdown

The Top 20 DJs will engage in a face-off at the Unleash Your Edge Fiesta event in Thika, an electrifying prelude to the main event. The judges will handpick the exceptional Top 12 DJs who will carry the torch forward in this fierce competition.

Battle Royale on “IWAKE

From Thika, the Top 12 DJs will take center stage on the KTN entertainment sensation show “IWAKE,” captivating audiences over six to seven heart-pounding weeks. Home viewers will don the judge’s hat, participating in a riveting voting process that culminates in a dramatic elimination.

The elimination will be as follows:

  • Week one: 12 contestants will square off with five-minute sets, followed by a two-week consumer voting phase to crown the Top 6.
  • The Top 6 will then unleash their skills on live TV with awe-inspiring 10-minute performances, followed by another two-week voting period to determine the Top 4.
  • It’s a showdown of epic proportions when the Top 4 hit the live TV stage, delivering jaw-dropping 15-minute sets. Once again, the viewers will wield their voting power for two intense weeks to unveil the Top 2.
  • In a grand finale of musical mastery, the Top 2 will go head-to-head in a thrilling 15-minute live performance showdown, where the audience will decide the regional champion.

This electrifying process will unfold in each of the five regions. Once the dust settles, the five regional victors will converge for an epic showdown in front of a live audience and a panel of esteemed judges, where the Kenyan champion will be crowned.

Competition prizes are as listed below:

  • Our regional winners will walk home with a 2TB -Flash Disk, Headphones, and A Smirnoff hamper as well as the chance to be DJ’ing in some of our subsequent events.
  • The overall general winner will take home a 2-TB Flash Disk, Headphones, Mac Book Laptop, DJ Deck, and Flight Case as well as the chance to be DJ’ing in some of our subsequent events and ultimately the bragging rights to be the season 3 winner!