JGIP Events has announced a African musical legends concert that will celebrate legendary African musicians that will be held on Saturday February 25 and also on Sunday February 26. The concert is part of the Tribute Series, that was launched last year.

The event will showcase African musical geniuses that are African artists. The concert will celebrate  all things African including food, drinks, outfits and music.

The African Legends concert will feature a variety of musicians selected based on vocal prowess and stage performance. They include; Amani Baya, Chep, Daniel Chikwaza, June Gachui, Kendi Nkonge, Mellah, Nechesa Odima, Ras Amor, SERRO, Vini Ngugi, Viola Karuri, Webi and Ythera.

The band is made up of instrumentalists such as Benjamin Kabaseke on Guitar, George ‘Possum’ Nyoro on Keys & Music Director, Kasiva Mutua on Percussion, Richard Wandati on Drums and Tito Monako on Bass. The horns section will feature the talented Hornsphere made up of Danson Rabuka on Trumpet, Peter King’ori on Soprano saxophone, Kimbassax on Alto saxophone and Danilson Babu on Tenor saxophone.

Event details

Venue: The Hub, Karen.
Date: Saturday, 25th February 2023.
Date: Sunday, 26th February 2023
Tickets: KenyaBuzz –– Gig