Award-winning musician June Gachui has released a new single dubbed Crazy, about 5 years after the release of her debut album, Twenty years, which is available on all streaming platforms.

In the new Johnson Jkeyz Omonije track, June Gachui paints the picture of inconsistency in relationships. She highlights the hot, the cold and the resulting hesitation in spite of the attraction between two people.

You’ve got me thinking daily,
Maybe I’m your lady and all this is fine…
But baby the way you drive me crazy
Maybe I’m not ready for you to be mine.

Lisa Oduor-Noah did the backing vocals in the track, while Benjamin Kabaseke adds his guitar flair.

June blends Kiswahili to confess her confused attraction to her love interest.

Ninapokufikiria Kila saa, Nashangaa unanichanganya
Hata siwezi kataa
ukinuiliza tukae pamoja, bado nitasema
Wanijaza roho

The track is directed by Trey Juelz on location at True D Pictures and the video features choreography by Art in Motionn and recording artist Aleks Kamau plays the role of June’s love interest.

June’s love of dance was not to be left out from this video and she joins in showcasing her skills in the dance sequences.

Cast and Crew

Written and Performed by: June Gachui
Composed and Produced by: Johnson ‘Jkeys’ Omonije
Mixed and mastered by: Loudaa
Vocal arrangement: Lisa Oduor-Noah
Guitars: Benjamin Kabaseke
Choreography: Art In Motion
Dancers: Mbugua Bobo Gachie
Kevin Githendu
Ian Wainaina
Branice Mwanjila
Lynette Mumbi Kiama
Love interest: Aleks Kamau
Make Up: ZenaGlam
Hair:  Corrine Muthoni
Styling: Wambui Thimba
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