Airtel Kenya, has announced the launch of lower-priced Internet Broadband devices for homes, SMEs and communities in small towns and remote areas.

The devices comprise a 4G Smart box retailing at KES 5,500, including 10GB free data and the 4G pocket Wi-Fi retailing at KES 2,500, including 5GB free data. Upon recharge, one gets 50% extra data on both devices.

Besides the devices offering fast-speed internet connectivity, their data packages are lower than the other available prices in the market. The rates of these two devices have been made more affordable in line with Airtel’s strategy of increasing accessibility to communication services and the internet through affordable services to all Kenyans.

The 4G smart box router enables wireless and LAN connections, connecting up to 32 devices, thus ideal for many users – homes, businesses, schools, and community centres. The Airtel 4G pocket Wi-Fi, a portable Wi-Fi-connected device, will allow Kenyans in remote areas to access fast and reliable internet on the move. Its prepaid 4G Sim Card will allow for wireless internet connectivity to 10 devices.

The Airtel network covers about 89% of the population in Kenya, using 4G technologies to provide world-class quality broadband access. Airtel Kenya Is the pioneer in affordability; our offerings appeal to all levels of the citizenry as we continue to support digital inclusion.

In line with the Government’s agenda of Digital Inclusivity and Airtel’s Vision to enrich the lives of customers by connecting and enabling them to access the world, Airtel launches Internet Mashinani.

Airtel Kenya remains committed to ensuring seamless high quality and affordable connectivity to the most remote areas in the country.

“We are committed to enhancing Universal broadband access through continuous investments in our 4G network. Today we launch Internet Mashinani, which will provide affordable home broadband devices and data packages, through the use of 4G technologies to provide world-class quality broadband access,” said Airtel Kenya’s Managing Director, Ashish Malhotra during the launch.