Uber has announced the appointment of Imran Manji as their new Head of East Africa. He will be responsible for Uber’s business strategy and growth across the region which includes Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

Imran previously worked as co-CEO for TowerTech Africa, a leading manufacturer and supplier of towers in East Africa. He has also worked for Bain & Company, a strategy consulting firm.

Imran Manji, Head of East Africa at Uber, had this to say, “I’m honoured to take on this new role, as I have seen and experienced first-hand the transformative impact Uber has had in the region, from increased convenience of mobility and delivery to opening up earning opportunities for drivers and delivery people across the region.”

According to Imran, society has only witnessed the cusp of mobility and innovation in the region, and it is just the beginning. Locally, we have seen the ride-hailing and e-commerce business grow exponentially over the last few years and we have witnessed a trend for more affordable and sustainable options. In response, Uber is leveraging its technology to meet the ever-changing needs of consumers. This has been through mobility options like Pool Chance (allowing riders heading in the same direction to share the cost of the journey), and UberPOA, to the ordering of food and essentials from Uber Eats and sending packages via Uber Connect.

Frans Hiemstra, General Manager for Sub Saharan Africa, Uber said, “We look forward to having Imran join the Uber Sub-Saharan Africa team. His experience and knowledge of the region will help continue the trajectory of growth of the platform across East Africa.”