Showmax offers viewers a wide range of entertainment content from movies, to series and TV shows that you can stream on demand on the platform.

This February, Showmax users can catch internationally acclaimed series on the platform to binge on. Some of the series to binge on include fan favorite Dexter: New Blood, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, B positive, Raised by Wolves Season 2, and many more.

1. Raised by wolves S2

Season 2 of Raised by wolves sees android partners Mother (Amanda Collin) and Father (BAFTA nominee Abubakar Salim), with their brood of six human children, join a newly formed atheistic colony in Kepler 22 b’s mysterious tropical zone. But navigating this strange new society is only the start of their troubles as Mother’s natural child threatens to drive what little remains of the human race to extinction.

2. Dexter: New blood

In his old life, Dexter Morgan was a Miami forensics expert, spending his days solving crimes, and nights committing them. Torn between his deadly compulsion and his desire for true happiness, Dexter is a man in profound conflict with the world and himself.

Set 10 years after Dexter went missing in the eye of Hurricane Laura, Dexter: New Blood finds him living under an assumed name in the small town of Iron Lake, New York. Dexter may be embracing his new life, but in the wake of unexpected events in this close-knit community, his Dark Passenger beckons.

3. The good fight S5

In the fifth season of the cult legal drama The Good Fight, Diane (Christine Baranski) questions whether it is appropriate for her to help run an African American law firm with Liz (Audra McDonald), after the firm loses two top lawyers. Meanwhile, Marissa (Sarah Steele) and the firm become entangled with Hal Wackner (Mandy Patink), a regular Chicagoan who decides to open his own courtroom in the back of a copy shop.

4. Brooklyn nine-nine S8

Brooklyn Nine-Nine follows the exploits of Detective Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) and his diverse colleagues as they police the NYPD’s 99th Precinct. The eighth and final series of the Emmy-winning cop comedy series was nominated as The Comedy Show of 2021 at the People’s Choice Awards, where Samberg was also up for The Comedy TV Star of 2021.

5. Transplant S1

Transplant centres on Bashir ‘Bash’ Hamed (Hamza Haq), a refugee of the Syrian Civil War who is trying to rebuild his career as a doctor in the ER unit at the fictional York Memorial Hospital in Toronto. The medical drama’s cast includes BAFTA nominees John Hannah (The Victim, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) and Ayisha Issa (12 Monkeys), a former Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion.

6. 4400

Over the past hundred years, 4400 overlooked, undervalued, or otherwise marginalised people vanished without a trace. Now they have all been returned in an instant, having not aged a day and with no memory of what happened to them.

7. B positive

B Positive revolves around Drew (Thomas Middleditch), a therapist and newly divorced dad. He needs a kidney donor when he runs into Gina (Annaleigh Ashford), a woman from his past who volunteers her own. Together, they form an unlikely and life-affirming friendship as they begin a journey that will forever impact both of their lives. B Positive is from award-winning executive producer, writer and creator Chuck Lorre (The Big Bang Theory) and Marco Pennette (Ugly Betty).

8. C.B. Strike: Lethal white

Based on the best-selling novel by Robert Galbraith (J.K. Rowling), C.B. Strike: Lethal White stars Tom Burke (Orson Welles) as private detective Cormoran Strike, a former Special Investigation Branch investigator and war veteran. Together with his assistant, Robin Ellacott (Holliday Grainger), Cormoran tackles cases that have, so far, baffled the police.

9. A.P. Bio S4

When Harvard professor Jack Griffin (Glenn Howerton) fails to get his dream job, he reluctantly moves back to Ohio to work as a high school Advanced Placement Biology teacher. With a room full of honour roll students at his disposal, he uses the kids for his own benefit while Principal Durbin (Patton Oswalt) struggles to control the force of nature that is Jack Griffin.

10. Are you afraid of the dark S2: Curse of the shadows

The Midnight Society returns with a new set of storytellers, and a terrifying new tale about a cursed seaside town that is being haunted by a mysterious figure named the Shadowman. This season’s cast includes Bryce Gheisar (The Astronauts, Wonder), Malia Baker (The Baby-Sitters Club), Joey Award winner Beatrice Kitsos (Child’s Play) and Miranda Edwards (Snowpiercer, The Magicians, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency).

11. John Wayne Gacy: Devil in disguise

John Wayne Gacy: Devil In Disguise follows the chilling story of one of the world’s most notorious serial killers, as told through the words of Gacy himself. The film is directed by Emmy-nominated producer Rod Blackhurst (Amanda Knox, Welcome to Earth), this six-part documentary series details the case that shook the world, drawing on a multi-hour death-row interview with Gacy himself, most of which has never been seen before, along with exclusive audio and video interviews.

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