OPPO smartphone brand recently announced its new OPPO brand proposition, “Inspiration Ahead at the 2021 OPPO Inno Day.” The proposition is OPPO’s attitude towards the current state of the world, with uncertainty and hard economic challenges. According to OPPO, to think “Inspiration Ahead” is to believe that the future will be better, encouraging people to face all the difficulties calmly and optimistically.

The brand’s “Inspiration Ahead” proposition also shows its optimism and confidence about the future. Currently, the brand is present in more than 50 markets around the world, offering a wider range of products other than smartphones. Additionally, OPPO has been investing into deep R&D for several years, and this year OPPO is introducing one of the results, the MariSilicon X, the company’s first Imaging NPU.

Built on 6nm process technology, which is of its first kind in the world, MariSilicon X features an advanced NPU, ISP, and multi-tier memory architecture that delivers fast image processing power with ultra-high-power efficiency. The Imaging NPU will make its debut on the next Find X Series in Q1 2022 globally, making it one of the most advanced commercialized imaging NPU on a smartphone.

As a dedicated Imaging NPU, MariSilicon X marks a new era in computational photography. MariSilicon X’s NPU delivers an unstoppable 18 trillion operations per second (TOPS) and only 11.6 TOPS per watt power efficiency. It achieves a milestone in the energy consumption level of the smartphone NPU, and claims the top-level computing power in the industry.

With its stellar performance and power efficiency, it unleashes the power of AI algorithms in making individual video frame looks as rich and defined. With MariSilicon X, 4K AI Night Video to be captured in the RAW domain using complete image data is possible for the first time on Android smartphones.

OPPO Inno Day 2021 also saw the official announcement of OPPO Air Glass. The groundbreaking aR (assisted Reality) device features a revolutionary lightweight design, OPPO self-developed compact projection system, and supports various intuitive interactions and practical functions.