LG Electronics (LG) has announced plans to introduce a new lineup of audio products with diverse models offering premium performance, unique and stylish designs starting January 4th, 2022. The new products will in addition feature new sound experiences while ensuring accurate, immersive sound for home cinema, music and gaming.

The audio lineup is spearheaded by the premium LG Soundbar (model S95QR) which boasts an output of 810W and 9.1.5 channels of pure surround sound immersion. With five channels including the world’s first center up-firing speaker, three on the soundbar and two in the separate rear speakers, to improve clarity and enlarge the soundstage.

The new LG S95QR features several key enhancements including a boost in performance of the new speaker drivers, speaker chambers and subwoofer. The larger woofers deliver a more premium audio quality with deep, resonant bass emulating the immersive sound system of a cinema. For 2022, LG upgraded the wireless rear speakers of its premium soundbar setup from four channels to six, with four front/side drivers to accompany the two up-firing drivers.

The soundbar features a more sensitive receiver that allows for more distance between the soundbar and accompanying subwoofer and rear speakers without sacrificing sound quality. With a more stable wireless connection, the LG S95QR eliminates drops or lags in audio output for distraction-free viewing and listening. With its Meridian Audio Horizon technology in Music Mode, the soundbar can up-mix two channel audio to 7.1-channels for more realistic acoustic surround sound.

Additionally, LG S95QR offers an intuitive user experience when working with to Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and other AI assistants. Via smart devices, owners can effortlessly control streaming music, adjust volume and change sound modes and control streaming music, using only their voice. And now with the LG WOWCAST Wi-Fi audio dongle, listeners can enjoy lossless muti-channel audio without the hassle of running an unsightly cable to the TV. 2

Most notably, the LG Soundbar lineup is designed with the environment in mind, with a lower carbon footprint throughout the entire product lifecycle. In addition to shipping in 100% paper packaging and using recycled plastic resin for its outer case, the new soundbar models utilize a new composite fiber material that is lighter in weight to cut carbon emissions during shipping and transporting. The product’s modest power consumption also makes the LG Soundbar save energy during usage as well.