Kisumu-based Kenyan musician, Gabiro Mtu Necessary has just released a 3 track EP dubbed Jenesis to celebrate his milestone of hitting over 300,000 streams with his last project, Mpito EP. The fast-rising star has also garnered over 500,000 streams on BoomPlay.

Commenting on this milestone, Gabiro’s celebratory message on social media read in part, “Hitting 385,000 streams on Mpito EP and another 500,000 total streams on my BoomPlay is a very big achievement for me as an independent artist based in Kisumu. Every big hit is made and promoted in the capital but I still do the same stuff in my city and I don’t plan to relocate any time soon,” read part of Gabiro’s celebratory message on his social media.

Every project from Gabiro is attached to a story or a life event. His latest EP Jenesis celebrates his achievement and pays respect to his late dad who according to him, had a very big impact in his growth as an artist.

“In 2019 I convinced my late dad to support my music career financially and strategically and it was at that time that we started working on my first album that was dubbed Jenesis but he died that same year before we released the album. I was hurt and I even became really angry with God and started questioning His existence but God is God and He does everything the way He wants without asking us,” read a post on Gabiro’s Facebook page.

This is not the first time Mtu Necessary is showing respect to his late dad in his projects as he has in all his previous projects given credits to his father’s entity, Jodifa Enterprises. His close relationship with his father was one that many young artists would like to have when starting as it definitely built a strong foundation for the brand Gabiro Mtu Necessary.

At only 4 days of release his new EP is already has over 20,000 total streams on BoomPlay.