Spotify has established that there is an increase in the number of people using the platform to co-create and share audio content using their favorite music.

Over the past 90 days, Kenya saw a 40% increase in collaborative playlist plays. The top 3 most popular tracks in group sessions in Kenya were Baby Bumblebee by Julie Gardner, Butter by BTS and Niko Sawa by Bien and Nviiri The Storyteller.

Several surveys conducted over the past year have showed how people all over the world have been craving shared communal experiences. Over the same period, Spotify has noted an increase in content streaming as people seek out ways to stay entertained, informed and connected.

Collaborative playlists are a fun and easy way for users to co-curate playlists with friends, by each adding their favourite tracks. Creating a playlist that has a feel of each user gives people the experience of being together. The popularity of collaborative playlists across sub-Saharan Africa was showcased in recent data released by Spotify.

Collaborative playlists received the third highest plays in Africa, with Calling my phone by 6LACK and Lil Tjay as the most played track in local collaborative playlists.

Commenting on this the collaborative playlist feature on Spotify, Phiona OKumu, Head of Music Sub-Saharan Africa said, “Features such as collaborative playlists and group sessions aid music discovery, a key imperative for Spotify. As Spotify’s presence and popularity continues to grow across Africa, we are encouraged that our audience are continuing to uncover and explore the many features on offer that can only amplify their listening experience. Spotify is so much more than simply an audio streaming service.”