Facebook has announced plans to start paying content creators more than Kshs. 108 Billion by the end of next year through new bonus programs designed to keep creatives plugged into its app ecosystem.

The company will pay creators through a series of new bonus initiatives across Facebook and Instagram. The first new bonuses will be paid to creators making videos on Facebook with in-stream ads enabled. Facebook is also expanding bonuses through its Stars system, which invites viewers to send streamers tips in exchange for fan perks. Creators making videos or livestreaming games will be eligible for monthly bonuses based on how many viewers send them payments via Stars through October.

Instagram is also expected introduce its own bonuses, which will be invite-only to begin with. Other bonuses will reward creators for making Reels, Instagram’s answer to TikTok’s short-form video success, and for hitting certain milestones on Instagram Live.

The Facebook program for paying content creators is its latest effort to respond to competition from TikTok. Youtube on the other hand has a Ksh. 10 Billion fund for Youtube Shorts which is a TikTok clone. TikTok on the other hand launched a Ksh. 20 Billion creator fund and has surpassed 3 billion downloads.