Kenyan tech media platform, Gadgets Africa, has partnered with Nation Media Group to launch a consumer tech expo, dubbed Vifaa Tech Festival, in the region. The expo is aimed at creating a consumer-centered platform for consumers and brands to connect and showcase future technologies in the region.

Africa’s consumer technology and electronics space has over time been dominated by international brands. The expo hopes to highlight on this multi-million dollar industry and help evolve it to more markets across Africa. Through the festival, Gadgets Africa will recognize cutting-edge consumer products and technologies and put the African context between technology creators and African consumers.

“Consumer technology and electronics brands are celebrated, criticized, and appreciated in the US, SE Asia and EU. One of the key motives of launching Gadgets Africa was to empower the Kenyan consumer in making informed decisions in buying electronics. Today, we’re moving a step further and joining us is Nation Media Group in launching Africa’s very own consumer technology launchpad forum,” says Rishabh Lawania, CEO of Wee Media Africa.

The festival will be a fully virtual event, and will take place on 11th and 12th June, 2021. The setup of the expo will include product showcases from several consumer brands operating in Kenya, Conversations, fireside chats and discussions with product leaders.

Additionally, Vifaa Tech Festival will include Gadgets Africa’s pioneering consumer awards aimed at recognizing brands, gadgets and even stores that consumers appreciate. Unlike the previous years where awards selection was purely an internal consideration, this year’s selection will be open to public votes to determine the winners.

“An important aspect in the life cycle of a consumer product is feedback from its users. We believe that through these awards, brands will be able to better connect with what their customers like and hopefully, the results serve as a blueprint for future products,” says Saruni Maina, Managing Editor of Gadgets Africa.

Listed below are the Categories for the awards

  1. Best TV in Kenya
  2. Must-have mobile accessory
  3. Best DSLR Camera
  4. Coolest home appliance in Kenya
  5. App of the year
  6. People’s choice electronics store
  7. Most reliable home internet provider
  8. Best mobile data package
  9. Best budget laptop
  10. Best laptop brand in Kenya
  11. Best entry-level smartphone
  12. Best budget smartphone
  13. Best mid-range smartphone
  14. Best flagship smartphone
  15. Best battery-life on a phone

Consumers can vote for their favourite brand and products by visiting the Gadgets Africa festival website.

Interested participants have been encouraged to book their slots for the festival through the application site. Gadgets Africa also revealed that there will be giveaways and fun activities integrated within the expo for all attendees.