Uber has launched electric boda bodas and bicycles for drivers on UberBoda, Uber Connect and Uber Eats in Kenya. This new development is a first for Uber in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The launch of electric Boda Bodas will offer an affordable and reliable manner of transportation within the city. It will enable customers to select a zero-emissions ride to help drive a green recovery. Using electric UberBoda will cost the same as a regular journey.

The launch of electric boda presents a 45% reduction in overall costs for UberBoda and Uber Connect drivers, for whom fuel is the most significant operating cost. In Kenya, the boda boda sector employs over 1.6 million youths, the vast majority of which are based in Nairobi.

“We are doing our part to help transform mobility in the country so that Kenyans can play their part in reducing carbon emissions. Uber is continuously looking for ways to improve the customer experience, and we have a responsibility to invest in offering product innovations that make a difference to cities. We believe this collaboration will do just that,” said Brian Njao, Head of East Africa for Uber.

With consumers being environmentally and health-conscious, it is important for Uber Eats to be part of the journey. The introduction of electric Boda Bodas can allow consumers to order their favourite meals while giving them peace of mind that their food is delivered in transportation with low emissions. In addition, Uber Connect deliveries will also be done using the newly launched electric motorcycles and bicycles.

“Uber Eats has grown exponentially across Kenya, with the app being available in Mombasa, Nakuru and Nairobi, which means more delivery people on the road. Providing electric Boda Bodas to delivery people means that transportation emissions can be cut drastically, says Nadeem Anjarwalla, General Manager of Uber Eats in Kenya.

Uber has reiterated its commitment to actively work with cities to introduce eco-friendly products to decrease air pollution, reduce urban congestion, and increase access to clean transportation modes.