Demo slots are not different from the real money ones, except with the difference that you do not have to deposit real money and also, you cannot cash out the winnings. However, the question is, is a slot demo worth playing? To find the answer, let’s explore different aspects of free play slots.

Game Settings

With demo mode, you should keep all the settings the same as with the real money game, so that it can give you a good practice before spending your money. Here is what you should do:

Choose the bet limit same for the demo mode as you would have for real money.

  •         Set the auto-play function for loss limits.
  •         With the demo too, try not to overspend your credits.
  •         Things You Must Observe While Playing

Demo slots are also kind of practice slots, so whenever you start playing a free version of the game, you should pay attention to its key details such as:

Theme and Designs

A good slot game is the one that never disappoints you with its design and also keeps you fully engrossed in it. If you find that you are more attracted to your surroundings than the game, you must stop playing and trying a new one.


With the demo version too, you can find their reviews to provide you with an overall picture for its features, volatility and RTP. Studying game’s comprehensive data should be your first step towards finding the right slot to play; however, you cannot settle for real money game merely based on the provided info. The best way to analyse its statistics is to play it yourself and gauge the frequency for its payouts.

Special Features

With real money play, you might find that your slot is taking too long to hit the bonus feature, which can make you impatient. However, you can pick its demo mode first, see how long that particular slot takes to onset its bonus feature, and how much you can win from it. If you find this slot matching your winning’s mood, then you can go ahead and try it anyway.

How Much Rounds Should be Played with Demo Version?

You might be wondering that every time you start playing, a particular slot may show a slightly different result. So, the best way to get the closest accurate quantitative data of your favourite slot is to play it in demo mode for several times, ideally between 100 to 150. This can help you make a final judgement based on its win and loss ratio.

Final Thoughts

Considering the point discussed above, we have concluded that demo slots are worth playing because after playing them you are not blindly thrown in the real money games that have the high probability of wasting your hard-earned money without practice. Demo versions let you see if a particular slot interests you or not and also, does the winnings go in your favour or not.