Advances in technology have always come with good tidings for mankind due to the fact that these advances always bring a better way of doing things. From the invention of the wheel to light bulbs to Penicillin among others, all these have made the world a better place to live in.

Mobile phone technology on the other hand has come a long way from the time the 1G network was launched in the 80’s to 2G network which was launched in the 90’s, 3G in the 2000’s. The 4G network which we are currently using was launched worldwide in 2010 and arrived on our shores in 2014 courtesy of Safaricom.

The 5G network which is being trialed in various countries around the world is the next step in the mobile technology evolution. As with every other technological development, 5G promises to make life better for us but perhaps its biggest selling point is its speed. Apparently, 5G promises transmission speeds approaching 15 or 20 Gbps.

So here is how 5G will affect the way you use your phone;

It Will Be Easier To Get A Signal In A Crowded Environment

We have all be to events where due to the crowds, one was not able to make calls due to a congestion of the network. Such situations are normally frustrating more so if you were looking to hail a cab to take you home after a long day of having fun.

However, this will be a thing of the past with 5G as it has been developed to congestion and crowded scenarios. As such, one will no longer have to deal with sluggish speeds when trying to upload a photo when attending a music festival or rugby game. Essentially, 5G was designed to ensure a consistent level of performance.

Apps Will Not Be Limited By Hardware

5G networks are capable of connecting mobile devices to the cloud more reliably than the current 4G. As such, apps will be able to run power hungry operations from the cloud and beam it to your phone. This means that performance will not be necessarily tied to the hardware inside your phone.

As it is, companies like Google and Microsoft are already experimenting with services that let you play console-quality games on any device by streaming it to your phone or TV through cloud-connected servers.

Streaming Video Will Be Easier

Streaming video with an unreliable connection can make you feel like plucking out your hair due to frustration. This is because, a low quality connection always leads to buffering thus disrupting your movie/video call.

However, this will be a thing of the past with 5G as streaming video will be as seamless as streaming music on Spotify even with a bad connection.

Given how awesome the 5G mobile technology will be when it becomes mainstream. It is good to be prepared to take advantage of it as soon as it is launched in our market. You can do this by getting the Nokia 8.3 which is 5G enabled at a price of only Ksh. 69,999.