Dogs, just like babies, do not have the ability to tell us when they are not feeling well. At least for babies they usually express themselves by crying their lungs out when they are not feeling well leaving one with no recourse but to figure out what could be wrong and address it ASAP!!

Dogs on the other hand will rarely make a fuss when they are ill and all that we are left to do is look out for changes in their behavior which can be an indication that something is wrong.

Therefore, as a dog owner it is important to spend time with your dog so that one is able to notice even a slight behavioral change. Sadly, those who keep their dogs locked most of the time and do not spend time with them would not be able to tell when their dogs fall ill until it is too late.

To help you take care of your dog better, here are 5 signs that show that your dog might not be feeling well;

1. Changes in Their Personality

Dogs just like humans have different personalities, there are dogs which are very hyper and playful while other are just chilled out. As such it is important to understand your dog’s personality to help you know when they are feeling unwell.

When a dog is feeling unwell or in pain, it usually portrays changes in its personality and this happens suddenly. One finds that a usually social and playful dog all of a sudden becomes withdrawn and does not want to play or interact with you. At times they might portray aggression or snippiness. One should also pay attention when you see your dog growl when you touch or get near a particular part of their body. At times, you might find a dog which is usually independent suddenly become clingy and needy.

2. Loss of Appetite

When a human being is unwell, we usually don’t have the appetite for food. The same applies for dogs whereby you find that a dog which normally cannot wait for its feeding time all of a sudden is not interested in their food.

If the loss of appetite is due to a change in the dog’s diet, this might not be an indication of illness. However, if the dog suddenly loses its appetite while under the same diet, it might be wise to call in a vet for a checkup.

One should also monitor the drinking habits of their dog as drinking more water or less water may be a sign that your dog is ill. Drinking too much water can indicate that your pet has a fever, hormone issues or kidney problems.

3. Respiratory Symptoms

Coughing, wheezing and nasal discharge are all signs that your dog could be having a respiratory issue. These issues can range from a simple cold to canine flu. If your dog has a cold or flu, there will probably be other symptoms present such as redness of the eyes and a runny nose.

In the event that your dog is experiencing difficulty in breathing, one should check their tongue and gums and if they have a bluish tint, they need immediate emergency care.

4. Diarrhea and Vomiting

Sometimes when a dog eats something which is not agreeable with their stomach, they tend to either vomit or diarrhea which might not be cause for one to panic. However, if the spate of vomiting or diarrhea continues for more than a day, it is a cause for concern, and one needs to get in touch with their vet as soon as possible especially when there are traces of blood in either the poop or vomit.

5. Unexplained Weight Loss

When your dog losses weight all of a sudden and it is not due to their diet or exercise, it warrants attention. This sudden weight loss can be a pointer that there is an underlying condition that the dog could be suffering from and which needs medical attention.

A dog is an essential part of the family and it is important that we keep them happy and healthy. As such, it is important for one to be able to notice early symptoms of illness so that one can get them treatment before it becomes serious.

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