The K9 Dog Food which is produced by the Unga Group is the newest dog food in town. We had a sit down Irene in a bid to determine what differentiates the dog food from the competition and this is what she had to say;

1.Tell us your name and what you do at Unga Farm Care?

My name is Irene Achieng and I am the Technical sales person for New Products.

2. Unga Group is well known for producing flour for human consumption, what was the thinking behind starting the K9 Dog Food line?

There has been a rise in people owning pets and most especially dogs. Dogs have become part of most families and the owners are looking for ways to ensure their dogs are happy and healthy. In this regard, Unga Farm Care came up with K9 Dog food which is one of the most important areas that the dog owners have considered to ensure happy and healthy dogs.

3. Nowadays people are very particular as to what they feed their pets. Could you tell us the ingredients that go into the manufacturing of the dog food?

K9 Dog food is made with poultry meat as a source of protein and contains no artificial flavours. It is also rich in Omega 3 and essential fatty acids critical for anti-inflammation, support of normal skin coat, joint function, normal brain and eye development. It contains glucosamine which supports normal joint development and function. It is made without wheat or soya which are not good for dogs.

4. What can you tell us about the manufacturing process of K9 dog food?

Lots of care has been taken in the manufacturing of K9 Dog Food to ensure that it is a high quality and safe product right from the selection of raw materials and formulation, through to the production process.

5. What are the safety measures that have been put in place during manufacturing to ensure that food is healthy and safe for our pets?

Right from the manufacturing process, packaging, transportation and storage, a lot has been taken to consideration to ensure K9 Dog Food is free from aflatoxins, microbes such as  salmonella and any harmful contaminants. This includes testing of raw materials used in the manufacturing process and also testing of the final product which is the K9 Dog food.

6. Aflatoxin contamination has been a problem for many pet food manufacturers in the country. How has K9 overcome this?

K9 Dog Food has been manufactured in Europe under strict European quality regulations. The company has ensured that the raw materials used are free from Aflatoxin and also the final product which is the K9 Dog Food.

7. How can one tell the quantity of food to feed their dog to avoid over or underfeeding?

The recommended quantity to feed the dogs are well indicated at the back of K9 Dog Food
bag which is basically as per the weight of the dog.

8. I have seen that your dog food has 3 different categories that is Puppy, Adult and Senior. Why is this the case?

The three different categories are basically considering the different growth stages and their requirements for these stages of growth. The Puppy K9 Dog food is basically for the small dogs between birth to 2 years depending with the breed. The Adult K9 Dog food is for the Active Dogs between 1 year to 6 years depending with the breed. The Senior is for older dog above 6 years.

9. If my dog is feeding on your dog food, is there still a need to give them supplements?

K9 is a complete and wholesome dog food and needs no supplementation whatsoever. It comes in form of kibbles /pellet and it is a ready to eat.

10. What can you say differentiates K9 Dog Food from the competition?

K9 Dog Food can be differentiated from other brand because it has the below advantages:

  • Free from Aflatoxin and other microbes
  • It is made without wheat or soya since some dogs are intolerant/react
    to some of the components like gluten
  • It is made with poultry meat as the source of protein
  • It contains no artificial flavours
  • Complete food that is ready to eat
  • It is dry food and comes in Kibble form which improves the dental
    health of the dogs
  • It contains additives that help in the different stages of growth from Puppy, through to adult and then the seniors for happy healthy dogs.

11. What breeds can enjoy K9 Dog Food?

K9 Dog Food is suitable for all breeds of dogs, small, medium and large, whether active or passive.