Dogs are a man’s best and they do their part in keeping us happy and entertained. However, once in a while, they also get sick but unlike humans they are not able to tell us how they are feeling. As such one needs to look out for the various signs that indicate that they are not feeling well.

Other than being able to tell that your dog is not feeling well, one should be able to treat some of the illnesses that are not serious but it is always advisable to visit a Veterinary doctor in the event that there is no improvement or your dog is very sick.

Here are some of the common ailments and how one can treat them;

Ear Infections

This is a common infection among dogs and is caused by mites, yeast, bacteria, ear canal hair growth allergies and colds. If you happen to notice your dog scratching or pawing at his/her ears, shaking the head or rubbing the ear against the floor or furniture, that is an indication that he/she may have an ear infection. More severe symptoms might include redness of the ear canal, scabs or crusts around the ear, hair loss around the ear, balance issues, walking in circles, pain and hearing loss.

The first step in treating an ear infection is to clean and dry the ear. After which an examination should be conducted by a vet to determine which type of infection it is and it is likely to be treated with a topical antibiotic or anti fungal.

Itchy Skin

All dogs are bound to scratch themselves once in a while, however, persistent scratching is an indication that something could be wrong. Itchy skin can be caused by various factors from pests to food allergies. However, the main culprit is food allergies with the most common allergen being wheat and soy found in many dog foods. Switching to low allergen food like K9 Dog Food which does not contain wheat and soy may be key to relieving your dog’s itchy skin.

The other cause for an itchy skin is pests like mites and fleas, one can get rid of these by using dog shampoos which have active ingredients which can kill the pests or topical applications like Pestigone. However, if the scratching still persists after this, it is best to see your Vet as soon as possible.

Vomiting and Diarrhea

Just like human, our dogs are bound to have a stomach upset once in a while as such, it is normal to see them vomiting or having diarrhea every now and then. However, if the diarrhea or vomiting is persistent, then there is cause for concern. One should also look out for dark diarrhea, loss of appetite, prescence of blood in vomit or stool, lethargy, fever and crying in pain.

There are many causes of gastrointestinal diseases which includes improper foods, pancreatitis, allergies, food poisoning, swallowed objects, a bacterial infection among others. However, before calling the Vet, try a few home remedies.

  • Give the dog plenty of water to combat dehydration
  • Provide the dog rice water to drink, boil one cup of white rice in water, rinse and let the
    liquid cool, then give it to your dog.
  • A spoon of yogurt will help with the intestinal flora balance.


Given the fact that out furry friends are bound to eat anything they find, as a dog parent, your dog will most likely than not get an infestation. Symptoms that indicate that your dog could be having an infestation include;

  • Scooting on its bottom
  • Loss of appetite
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Weight loss
  • Lethargy / or unexplained agitation
  • Dryness of the coat

There are many dewormers in the market but it is always wise to consult your Vet so that they can prescribe the best which can deal with all types of worms that could be disturbing your dog. Deworming should be done after every three months or so.

Dental Diseases

A dogs dental health is something which many dog owners neglect but it is an important part of their wellbeing. This is due to the fact that dental diseases in dogs can be linked to diabetes, heart diseases and many more. As such, one should endeavor to buy their dogs teeth cleaning toys and products. Some of the symptoms that show your dog could be having a dental disease includes;

  • Smelly breath
  • Eating and chewing difficulties
  • Pain
  • Swollen face

Treatment for dental diseases should be done by a Vet, however, you can also feed your dog hard foods: raw carrots if it likes them, chewable bones and toys with tooth cleaning properties.


Just like in humans, lack of exercise for your dog can lead to obesity. One can tell if their dog is obese by running your hand over the ribs of your dog. If you can’t feel the ribs then your dog is obese. The best treatment for obesity is providing a high quality diet like the one provided by K9 Dog Food.

The beauty about K9 is that they even give the measurements for the food intake thus ensuring that your dog does not overfeed which can lead to obesity or underfeed which can lead to malnutrition. Thus ensuring that your dog remains healthy and happy.