Uber Eats has come up with creative and thoughtful ways to ensure their customers spoil themselves or share their love via the app. These options are not only to celebrate this Valentine’s day, but for any occasion!

Love at first bite

Some of the greatest love stories were started over a meal shared, and those that did not were likely because neither could decide on where to eat. With a wide variety of cuisine types available, there’s a meal for almost any craving. Using the app, customers can easily select their favorite meals at the touch of a button.

A candlelit dinner on its way in just a few simple taps saves time that can be better spent debating on what Netflix series pairs perfectly with a Valentines’ Platter from Big Square Adlife. Or if you will be spending this time with family, get a family feast from Galito’s and top it off with a tub of ice cream!

Nadeem Anjarwalla, General Manager for Uber Eats in Kenya said, “We’re using our platform to help ensure Kenyans can still celebrate the moments that matter with those dearest to them. With a variety of offers on Uber Eats and with the Share this Delivery feature, users can send a special treat to loved ones and break the barriers of physical distance while doing so.”

Life is short, have a chocolate

Regardless of how the world has changed, chocolate always seems to make things better and we know Kenyans love a sweet treat to cap off any meal. While some will keep it traditional with a slice of chocolate cake, why not indulge in a Nutella Chocolate Chunk Haven from Beyond Desserts.

Whether you’re planning a romantic night in or having a girls night, there’s an irresistibly smooth melting chocolate dessert to suit your Valentine’s Day plans! You can’t go wrong with a Chocolate Devotion from Cold Stone Creamery or Chocolate Indulgence from ArtCaffe.

For those who are keeping with their New Years resolution, the app reports an 87% increase in healthy orders during the lockdown. So breakfast in bed may swap out the buttery croissant for scrambled egg whites and spiced spinach frittatas.

Share the love

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder and for many Kenyans, this past year has all but tested that theory. However, Valentine’s Day isn’t reserved solely for those with significant others but for all who want to cherish, spoil and surprise a loved one.

Be it a ten-minute drive or a five-hour flight, locals are still able to share in a meal or special treat together, irrespective of the distance. Using the Share Your Delivery feature, customers can easily send treats and share the status of its delivery with a simple tracking link, even if you are in a different city! (Only available where Uber Eats is available).

Special contactless deliveries

For those who crave delicious treats in the details, the app allows users to make special requests before submitting an order. If they’re into pizza, you could request something like please write a note inside the box, saying ‘I LOVE YOU, BABE’.

So whether you’re planning to shower yourself with some much-deserved love, or want to make a loved one’s day, Uber Eats has all your needs covered in the app. And for smart savings, for every craving, get free delivery on orders placed between 5pm-8pm on 14 February only.