The basics you need to know about Soccer betting and the skill set required to outsmart bookies at their game

What are the best strategies for betting on Soccer?

Betting in itself is an art of full of surprises and volatility. Most punters will agree that the outcomes are not necessarily a product of intuition or logic as match outcomes can take a 180-degree turn at any moment in the game (A case in point; Manchester City Versus QPR BPL match in May 2012).
Despite the high level of volatility associated with betting on Soccer, applying some of the strategies highlighted below will significantly improve your winning chances if followed strictly.

Understand the game

Undoubtedly, the ultimate reward any team can get from a match is a win. However, winning doesn’t necessarily equate to superior performance as there are other decisive factors involved like officiating errors, playing against an off form team and many others. Understanding how to properly assess a team will give you the right information needed to make an informed decision when next you are placing a stake on any game of choice.

Study the opponent’s history

The fact that a particular team is currently at the top of the table with a good winning streak does not necessarily connote that it will have an easy run against weaker teams at all times. Some teams with history always find a way to bring out their best against a particular team at all times. Several examples of teams like this abound in every league of the world.

Compare Odds among bookmakers

Of course, there is no guaranteed winning formula for winning bets at all times. In the event that you win, you deserve maximum earnings from your stake. To achieve this, you need to always compare the odds and benefits of the bookmakers available to Kenyans before aligning with one. For a comprehensive list of all the top bookmakers with fantastic odds and other benefits, check on site .

Avoid long bet slips

While this is supposed to be a general knowledge for most punters, week-in-week-out, we see bet slips that are marred by either a selection or two. Even if the table leaders of all leagues around the world are playing against the bottom team of their various leagues, it is still a bad idea to lump them together in a bet slip because this is football – it can be unpredictable!

Your decisions should be influenced by Logic

While it is perfectly normal for you to have a favourite team, you must keep sentiments aside before placing a stake. In other words, your love for a particular team should not be your sole reason for placing a stake in their favour especially when they are playing against a supposedly stronger team.
The most important point to note in this write up is that there is no 100% betting strategy in soccer as it is a volatile sport full of surprises. Neither logical reasoning nor the current form of the team guarantees anything, the only real control you can have over betting is your budget as you can always decide to call it a day at any point in the game.
Of course, you could earn a fortune from gambling by following our guideline and placing a bet at any of the website listed here, it is more important for you to remember that gambling is a recreational activity which must be treated as such at all times.