Gambling is spreading across the world quickly, and more and more countries are identifying the potential of the industry. Many countries that did not allow gambling in their soil began opening the doors for casinos. This trend is widely visible in East Asia and Africa. Countries like Singapore and Philippines are perfect examples of how East Asia is viewing gambling today.

Many African countries began grabbing gambling to attract more visitors to the country. Today, at least a dozen countries in Africa have a friendly approach towards gambling. These countries are providing excellent opportunities to experience African landscape and culture while enjoying casino gaming, both online and in-house gambling. If you love casino gaming, you should know these countries that offer you excellent options to gamble. Interestingly, people from around the globe are booking their tickets to these countries to enjoy the spirit of the gaming.

  • South Africa

South Africa made gambling legal, and it allows both land-based casinos and online gambling to operate in its soil. The country houses some of the most popular casinos in the region, including Pilanesberg Game Resort, The Gold Reef City Casino, Montecasino, and more. The Gold Reef City Casino captured the attention of the gamblers from around the world with more than 1,700 slot machines as well as latest video games. Interestingly, the national lottery, horse racing, and slot machines are the most popular forms of gambling in the country.

While coming to online gaming, the government has put restrictions on some forms of gambling. While it allows horse racing and gambling sports, it prohibits interactive forms of gambling including casino gaming. But, the government not found to be acting against individual gamblers and only takes actions against gambling houses. The recent years saw some initiatives from the government to legalize all forms of gambling, and the industry is waiting for positive results. Due to that, you can find many global and best online casino houses available in the country.

  • Kenya

Kenya is another country that has a friendly approach towards both land-based as well as online casinos. Casino resorts like Golden Key Casino spread the fame of the Kenyan gambling industry across the world. Apart from casino games, these houses are known for providing excellent recreational activities. Per the latest information, there are almost 28 casinos that are spread across the country and offers table games and slots.

Compared to South Africa, Kenya has a more favorable approach towards online casinos. Interestingly, iGaming is legal in the country, and online casinos are welcomed. You can even find online casinos that are licensed by Kenyan bodies. Do you know there was a state-owned online casino in the country that allowed Kenyans to bet? The state-owned website is currently closed. Since more than 50 percent of the people have access to the web, many of them choose online gambling as their favorite pastime.

  • Nigeria

As the most populous country on the continent, Nigeria has a special place in the African gambling industry. While coming to land-based casinos, Nigeria allows skill-based games and does not permit pure gambling. The country has three licensed casinos where people can bet and enjoy games. Due to the strict rules on land-based gambling, many underground casinos are operating in the country.

Compared to land-based casinos, online casinos enjoy greater freedom in the country. There are no laws or regulations in place to control the online casino industry of the country. Since the first online casino in Nigeria launched in 2013, people began queuing to bet on different types of games. Today, Nigeria has many offshore-licensed casino platforms that admit Nigerian gamblers in their sites and even accept the local currency payment. The access to the internet and smartphone by people also made online gambling popular in the country.


Apart from these countries, you can also find Mauritius, Botswana, Morocco, and more are either welcoming or taking a neutral stand on casinos. The African soil is becoming fertile for the gambling industry year after year.