The Amaya Gaming Group of Canada operates BetKenya, the only regulated option for gambling online in the country of Kenya. The government completely backs them with an agreement to operate to build revenues for the government budget. This site is available to Kenyans only and offers a wide range of online gambling opportunities.

It’s important to note that this site is largely based around mobile play. Because of the way the infrastructure works in Kenya, mobile devices are king, and mobile Internet is the main way of connecting. Along these lines, things are probably more geared towards the mobile sector than they normally would be otherwise when it comes to Amaya’s involvement with BetKenya.


BetKenya is the only licensed site to operate in the country, and they do not have a formal licensing process. They also do not plan on offering licenses to any other companies for the time being because they want to try to funnel as much online gambling as possible through BetKenya. The Amaya Gaming Group operates this site through an agreement with the country instead of what you would normally thing of as a standardized licensing process, so it’s hard to say what this licensing consists of. However, Amaya is a well-known company with a very strong reputation, so it’s hard to imagine they would risk this reputation over such a relatively small market.

Player Protections

Player protections for BetKenya are something they take very seriously, and you can always file a complaint through their website. These complaints are taken seriously, and it’s a really good example of how this sort of thing should be handled. With the Amaya Gaming Group effectively running the show, players will be in good hands when they play through this online gambling portal.

When it comes to players enjoying unregulated sites, there are no player protections, and the government has a vested interest in keeping players off of these foreign sites. Kenya has been pushing to ban unregulated online gambling sites by restricting Internet usage, but it’s unclear if any sort of action has been taken on this front as of yet. The basic idea was to have all online gambling sites redirect to BetKenya.