ShowMax has consistently brought you great content to keep you entertained no matter the weather. It’s safe to say they have a show for almost everyone.

They’re not about to stop delivering kick ass content for you. They’ve got you covered this month and here is what to expect. Among the shows they have for you this month is an exclusive showcase of the TV series Kingdom (Season 3). Here’s a full list of what to expect on ShowMax this month.

Kingdom Season 3

This drama series is about a retired MMA fighter, Alvey Kulina, who is balancing to keep his mixed martial arts gym running and keeping his family together.

The 3rd Season which premiers exclusive to ShowMax will start airing on Thursday, June 1st, just 24 hours after they’re released in the US.

This hard hitting and gritty series is full of experiences that one can relate to such as the struggle for recognition, the humiliation of defeat and the regret of dreams shattered and lost. Watch it and follow how the Kulina family handle it all.


If you’re a fan of the Doctor Who series then this spin off is a must watch. The science fiction drama follows the lives of six students from Coal Hill Academy as they explore Dr. Who’s universe.

They’re tasked with fighting off alien threats that threaten to wreak havoc on earth while dealing with their personal struggles of family, sex and friendship and the unique experience of time travel that’s been made possible for them by Dr. Who.

Robin Hood

Part history, part fantasy, this version of the legend is an explosive spectacular, with Russell Crowe lending weight and weariness to the lead role and Cate Blanchett shining as Marion.

In his role as Robin Hood, Russell Crowe hopes to win the heart of Marion by gathering a gang of warriors to fight corruption in Nottingham. He gets more than he’d bargained for when he finds himself fighting to save all of England.


An ocean voyage turns into a nightmare in this harrowing true survival story about four crew members left adrift for 119 days after their boat capsized.

I am Ali

If you don’t know much about Mohammed Ali , then this documentary is a great introduction to this prolific figure who is considered the most profiled sports person in history.

With unprecedented access to Ali’s audio journals from the 1970s, and interviews with those in his inner circle, this documentary gives unique insight into the life of the legend.

How to find a husband

This sitcom follows the lives of three women and their dating adventures and misadventures in the urban jungle that is Nairobi.


Joseph and Moses think they are the “best fundis” in Kinoo, but to avoid going out of business, they introduce their female customers to a new express service.

Jane and Abel

Simba Media is doing well with Abel Simba at its helm until Jane, a fiercely competitive media owner with a mysterious link to the late John Simba, enters the scene.

Peppa Pig

With her little brother George, Mommy Pig, Daddy Pig, Granny and Grandpa Pig, and her school friends, chatterbox Peppa explores her muddy-puddled world with enthusiasm and lots of oinking laughter.

This series is guaranteed to keep your little ones entertained.

Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom

Holly the fairy and Ben the elf are best friends in the magical Little Kingdom, ruled by Holly’s kind parents King and Queen Thistle, where there’s adventure under every tree.

This is another great show that your children will love.