Succeeding in your academics in Nigeria is a big deal. This is made even more important with the level of desperation for educational qualification, sometimes at the expense of expertise, across the country. Even more, most Nigerian parents are convinced that education is the key to the future of their children and would count no price too big to pay for it.

Whether these investments are correctly made or not is a question for another day. What is clear, however, is that as a student in Nigeria, you have to make sure you do well in your academics to at least gratify your parents’ reasons for investing in you.  Academic excellence can be achieved through different methods, but we will outline seven proven tricks through which you can achieve academic excellence in Nigeria.

Successes are rule-driven.

First, it is salient to understand that these tips are not meant for students who do not want to make a commitment to succeed in their academic life. Whether you are an international student or an indigent, you can be assured of success if you follow the following tips.

  1. Attend Classes

If there is a forum where people vote for the most important requirement to pass a subject in Nigeria is put to the vote, class attendance would always be the leading contender. Many Nigerian teachers and lecturers have an intense hatred for students who do not attend their classes. They can also be more powerful than you think. If you strive to excel in academics, being on the teacher’s good books is key. Anything less is courting academic disaster.

As a matter of fact, most educational institutions in Nigeria make attendance a core part of their continuous assessment. It will be in line if I say all do. Some institutions even go as far as allotting a percentage of attendance as a prerequisite for taking examinations. Having said that, it is common sense that if you aim to pass a subject, it is important to attend classes for you to have a rich understanding of the concepts being taught and the context in which they are taught

  1. Be Active in Classes.

Attending classes is vital, but it doesn’t stop there. You also have to get yourself actively involved in class during lessons. If you were to ask many lecturers and teachers, they would be blunt about having a soft spot for students who participate in classes.

Ensure you attend classes.

From paying rapt attention, answering questions and asking questions when necessary, you will be clearing the dangers ahead of you in classes. Be careful not to ask questions just to be seen as active in class or to ridicule the teacher, can put you in a mess.

  1. Join Group Discussion and Classes

It is almost certain that you won’t get everything thought in the class all by yourself. Normally, no students get all without making further consultation and research out the class.

Therefore, group discussions work like magic. Form groups where each student explains his best part and get help from others who understand other parts better.

  1. Turn in Your Assignments in Time.

Another thing that can help you improve your continuous assessment is your homework. First, your teacher would award you marks for most of the homework done, then the homework will help you study better.

In many Nigerian academic institutions, prominence is given to a group or individual end-of-term assignments where students are asked to research on a particular subject matter and submit their findings to be awarded a mark that has been previously earmarked. You also need to know that many schools assign about 40% of the score to their continuous assessments.

  1. If Possible attend coaching classes

Teachers are one of the most hardworking people on earth, and due credit must be accorded to them. However, sometimes it is not enough to have just one teacher in a particular subject. Due to things out of your school teacher’s controls like his mannerisms, voice tone, and looks, you might have a difficulty understanding what the teacher is trying to pass across no matter how hard he or she tries. But when you attend coaching classes, you will have the opportunity of being tutored by another teacher with a different disposition and this will help you in no small way to understand the subject more deeply. In another vein, having two teachers teach you a subject will give you two different insights into the subject, thereby affording you a grasp of the subject.

  1. Attempt Past Questions

Many of Nigerian institutions and examination bodies are running out of new tricks. It’s a secret! Though it is possible to twist and rephrase questions, many schools are out of new ideas. Read all the past issues relating to your course at You will be surprised to know you’ve answered all the questions before the D-day.

  1. Know Yourself

This might sound more like a subtopic in a motivational piece than an educational tip, but it is truth.  When studying, make sure that you select a topic and tailor your studying to fit your personal needs. Do not read for 12 amounts of hours because one of your friends bragged that she reads for 12 hours. You may also discover that you understand easier if you read at a particular time of a day. Stick to your rule. Give them a trial, many of them won’t change. But you need to ensure you personalize the style to the way that works best for you.