Airtel Kenya has today announced a free medical cover for its subscribers, how about that. This is after they partnered with Pan Africa Life Assurance and MicroEnsure to offer its Kenyan customers life, accident and hospitalization insurance with increasing benefits based on their monthly airtime usage. This product dubbed ‘Airtel Insurance’ is packaged to deliver affordable insurance services and encourage insurance uptake amongst Kenyans. It is open to all Kenyan residents of 18 years and above. To register one just needs to dial *336# from your mobile phone.

This product will cover all hospitalisation for any medical reason without any exclusion. This is a welcome change from the usual medical covers which have numerous exclusions, this makes it the most user friendly cover in Kenya. The product will benefit users whose hospitalization period is up to three or more nights at a hospital.

The amount that you will be covered for will be determined by the amount of airtime that you use on a monthly basis. To qualify you will have to spend an amount as low as Kshs.250 airtime each month with a chance to gain incremental insurance benefits with increased monthly airtime usage. I have to add that the product is absolutely free for the subscriber with no airtime deducted from a customer’s balance making it more of a loyalty reward from Airtel.

The insurance will become active on the first day of the month following registration and will be based on the amount of airtime recharged the previous month with a minimum monthly usage of Kshs. 250. A monthly usage of Kshs.250 will give a customer Kshs.1, 000 hospitalization, KHz. 10,000 life and accident insurance, Kshs.500 airtime usage will give you Kshs.2, 000 hospitalization and Kshs.25, 000 life and accident insurance, Kshs.1, 000 usage will earn you Sh.5, 000 hospitalization and Sh.100, 000 life and accident insurance while Sh.2, 500 usage or above will earn you Sh.10, 000 hospitalization and Sh.250, 000 life and accident insurance.

If you don’t have an Airtel line, I would suggest you get one ASAP to start enjoying the free insurance cover.