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Fashion Blogger Nancie Mwai of

There has been talk, most of it leaning towards the negative, about the size of the Nairobi woman’s handbag. Is it necessary? Absolutely. Now, while most have gone on to list the contents of the humongous handbag, none have come up with reasons (and explanations) why these contents are as important as the modern Nairobi woman considers them to be. Don’t you worry, I have you covered, here is a list of a handbag’s contents and why they are so vital.

1. Make up

Because beauty is having the brains to wipe off your lipstick and redo it every once in a while.

2.Wet wipes/pocket tissue

Before reapplying that lipstick, the original coat has to go. Now, wiping it off her suit isn’t an option. Also, there is nothing beautiful about a woman walking around with smudges of dirt, just because she has nothing to wipe it off with.

3. Sandals/Flat shoes

While heels accentuate a woman’s look and might be considered her best friend, they are often her feet’s worst enemy. So yes, it is vital that she carries a pair of flats to slip into, before getting comfortable and slaving off her days.

4. Umbrella

The sight of women with polythene bags on their heads during downpours tops the list of tacky; no modern upwardly mobile woman should risk coming off as tacky, thus an umbrella is necessary. Of course, the weather wont always catch you unaware but you could always use the comfortably sized umbrella to block out the (current) harsh sun.

5. Water Bottle

I know, I know. Most of you figure it is more convenient to buy water on a daily basis but look at this way; that 50shillings a day adds up to what? About 1500 shillings a month. On the other hand, water bottles average at about 250 Ksh and you can always refill it from your house and/or the office water dispenser. The modern woman is all about wise spending…and environmental consciousness.
Of course if she comes across one of those ‘jeans na mbili’ vendors on her way home, a pair or two will fit into her ever convenient handbag.