Tusker Twende Kazi 4

You can now register to participate in Tusker Twende Kazi, the new reality show by EABL. The show will see 50 East Africans race from East Africa to London to deliver a bottle of Tusker to Kenyan rugby legend Humphrey Khayange.

The 50 participants will be paired into teams of 2 and will comprise of an ordinary East African citizen and a celebrity. 14 Kenyan sports and music celebrities will team up with 14 Kenyans from all walks of life with rest being chosen from Uganda and Tanzania.

To be eligible as a participant, you must:

1. Be above 18 years of age
2. Have a valid Kenyan passport with a minimum of 8 unstamped pages.

How to register

1. Go to

Tusker Twende Kazi

Log in if you already have an account and sign up if you don’t.

Note that you can use your mobile or your computer to access the website.

2. After logging in, click on GO TO TWENDE KAZI

Tusker Twende Kazi 1


Tusker Twende Kazi 2

4. Fill in the details on the page that appears and then click SUBMIT

Tusker Twende Kazi 3

Below is the Tusker Twende Kazi TVC