I love geeks. Maybe it’s because of all the programs I watch where the smart guy is funny and adorable or maybe it’s the fact that the geeks I know in real life make what I consider to be the best boyfriends. Either way, I love geeks. Given a chance all my boyfriends and my future husband would be a geek. Anyone who says they can’t date a geek is missing out on some of the best guys out there.

One reason why I think every girl needs to date a geek is that they are not turned off by complexity. While every other guy will turn away when you start acting weird or will not understand what you really want, a geek will see it as another challenge. They see it as another code that needs deciphering and will sit back and enjoy figuring you out. No one understands ladies, but geeks come pretty close.

Have you ever noticed how friendly geeks are? There’s something warm and inviting that makes you want to just cuddle up with them. They are the guys who will help you out and won’t expect anything in return. They are the guys you bully but they take it in stride because it’s their nature to be nice to everyone. Now think of how great his nice nature will be in a relationship. He won’t expect anything in return and will spoil you rotten and we know ladies love this.

I’ve seen guys flip out when a girl changes. Maybe she got tired of her way of dressing but he doesn’t want the new look. You’ll never find a geek reacting negatively to change. They take everything in stride and will gladly help you change whatever you think needs changing. They are all about giving you support and helping you maintain your individuality in a relationship. They help you grow in the relationship.

Geeks make the best boyfriend because of their loyalty. Once a geek likes something, they are in it for the long haul. This is why it’s hard to convince them to change the brand of their gadgets or use different programs. If he decides you are the girl for him, you don’t have to worry about him cheating. You can travel for months and he will loyally sit back and keep himself busy while waiting for your return.

Most importantly you should date a geek for the conversations. They will wow you with what they know and open up your mind to so many new things. Not a day will go by where your conversations are dull or you run out of things to say to each other.

Many people might not like geeks but they are amazing people to have a relationship with. They are temperamental and emotional most times but that’s part of their amazing package.