In a bid to increase the uptake of digital television in Kenya, Startimes media announced the introduction of its approved DigitalVideo Broadcasting Technology 2 (DVB- T2) free to air set top box in the Kenyan market. The free to air set top boxes will allow customers to access digital television service without attracting monthly subscriptions fees.

With capacity to accommodate both Pay Television and Free to air digital services, customers will have an option of upgrading from free to air to Pay TV at will and vice versa, without the need to purchase another set top box.

The decoder will be retailing at Ksh 4,999 with a month’s access to Unique Plus bouquet that offers over 70 Pay Television channels where upon expiry of the offer, the subscriber will have access to all free to air local channels for good.

Speaking at the launch, StarTimes Media CEO Mr. Leo Lee stressed the firm’s commitment in growing the broadcasting industry while enriching the viewing experience of the Kenyan people. He cited the provision of unrivaled technology as a key factor in the delivery of competitive digital television service in the country.

“Kenya becomes the flagship market for this device where we intend to ride on our 70% digital television network coverage in the country as we plan to extend reach of local channels under our platform to more Kenyans on both Pay TV and free to air offers thereby giving Kenyans an enviable choice”, said Mr. Leo.

The move is a welcome boost to the digital television migration process after an indication by the Communication Commission of Kenya (CCK) that just over 11,000 free to air set top boxes have so far been sold. The low volume of sales has been attributed to the low supply and cost which seems beyond the reach of many Kenyans.