Busu Naturals has been named the winner of the She’s Next Kenya Grant competition by Visa. The competition is a program aimed at supporting the creation of an inclusive, equitable world for female business owners.

The program seeks to support women-owned small businesses through funding, training, and mentorship.

Following the win, the company received a Ksh 2.5 million monetary prize, with Timao Group and Code with Kids winning Ksh 2 million and Ksh 1 million for 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

More than 2,300 SMEs from across the country applied for the competition, each with innovative solutions in the sectors they operate in. Crafts with Meaning and Cladfy each walked away with Ksh 500,000 as recognition for their participation in the competition.

Busu Naturals addresses the need for locally manufactured emollients that cater to sensitive African skin by incorporating local botanicals and traditional beauty practices from different Kenyan ethnicities to provide high-quality, safe, and consistent skincare products.

Cladfy addresses the credit gap in sub-Saharan Africa’s informal sector by enabling micro-lenders to provide working capital loans to micro-businesses such as smallholder farmers, fish vendors, and motorcycle riders.

Code with Kids empowers children from low-income backgrounds with affordable and accessible STEM education, ensuring socio-economic barriers do not hinder their ability to learn, innovate, and succeed.

Crafts with Meaning collaborates with artisans in Kenya and Uganda to create home decor goods, lifestyle accessories, bags, and corporate merchandise inspired by African heritage.

Timao Group addresses plastic pollution and affordable housing in Kenya by transforming plastic waste into durable, cost-effective building materials for modular homes.

“We are delighted to announce the winners of the inaugural She’s Next Kenya grant competition. We are proud to recognise these SMEs who have exhibited remarkable innovation, resilience and vision, which will serve them well in as they seek to positively contribute to the Kenyan economy. We are excited about walking this journey with them to see them hit new heights using the skills and strategies the She’s Next program will equip them with,” said Eva Ngigi-Sarwari, Visa Kenya Country Manager.

Emma Omany, CEO of Busu Naturals, speaking on the win said, “This win means a lot to us because it gives us confidence and affirms that we are on the right track. It is a testament to the fact that small steps matter and that everything we have done thus far is aiding our mission. The support we will get through this grant and training, will help us grow our capacity and expand our market reach. It shall also go a long way in generating impact for us since we are focused on creating more opportunities for the women and youth in our value chain”.