Legally Clueless Africa founder, Adelle Onyango, has recently been appointed to the Baraza Media Lab board of directors. This marks her growing influence in the changing media landscape of Africa.

Speaking on this appointment Adelle Onyango shared:

“This is an honor and responsibility in equal measure. When I started Legally Clueless Africa, I intended to be at the forefront in changing the media landscape across Africa. New or digital media, gives Africans agency over not only our stories, but how they are told. It also allows us to amplify issues that truly affect us in an unbiased way which can only result in true transformative change. Joining the Baraza Media Lab board will mean through this wonderful organization, we can push for framework, resources and other much needed change in the environment to allow African media practitioners, creative freelancers and really all players in the creative economy, to actualize this agency, this amplification of our voices. I am determined to work hard while serving on this board. I am also encouraged because so far, Baraza Media Lab have been instrumental in fostering a vibrant and connected media and storytelling ecosystem across Kenya and East Africa.”

Maurice Otieno, Executive Director at Baraza Media Lab speaks on Adelle Onyango’s appointment to BML’s board: “When you observe Adelle Onyango’s work, you witness an authentic media personality, an uber-intentional creative, and a uniquely influential voice in the modern space. Her work is deeply rooted in Afrocentrism, shaping the African narrative for a global audience. It is collaborative and representative of diverse, often marginalized voices. At her core, she is grounded, humane, and a constant source of inspiration. Adelle Onyango embodies Baraza Media Lab’s vision, core values, and strategic goals in the media and creative ecosystem.”

Legally Clueless Africa is a new media organization dedicated to amplifying African stories, upskilling African digital creators and ensuring the wellness of their African community.

Baraza Media Lab is East Africa’s premier organization dedicated to creating a strong and collective media voice through experimentation, knowledge sharing and networking.