CEO & Founder of Legally Clueless Africa, Adelle Onyango has partnered with iHeart Radio to have her company’s podcast, added to iHeart Radio’s Spreaker Prime Network.

iHeart Radio’s Spreaker Prime Network is for podcasters and publishers who want to take their podcasts to the next level of monetization. It consists of top-Her podcasts that are hand-picked by iHeart Radio and recruited to join Spreaker Prime.

Speaking on their partnership with Legally Clueless Africa, The Prime Network’s Public Relation’s specialist, Mary Carla Acosta das Neves, “As we add Legally Clueless to our roaster and to the Spreaker Prime Network, we intend to highlight a different type of content: honest, entertaining, and African. It’s very important to us to bet on diversity and storytelling that is relatable worldwide. We’re also honored to have Adelle Onyango on the platform as her work in the women empowerment space in Africa, especially Kenya has been remarkable. As a former radio personality and now podcaster, we’re thrilled to experience this shift in medium, content, and modernization. With this partnership, we are further expanding our global inventory offering, specifically in the African audio space.”

Elated on the partnership Adelle Onyango, “It’s very exciting to have the Legally Clueless podcast picked by iHeart Radio’s Spreaker Prime Network. The partnership allows us to achieve our overall mission of amplifying African stories globally. It also is quite a feat as a new media company, we are redesigning what new media looks like for & by Africans. This partnership will open doors for many more African creators to run sustainable shows and grown new media companies. To be an African woman leading this, is impactful and exciting.”

Legally Clueless Africa is a new media company founded by Adelle Onyango, whose mission is to Amplify Africans’ stories, Upskill African and  Promote the wellness of our African community. They do this through their audio podcast, video series, tour series, digital content workshops and wellness events.

Legally Clueless provides Africans with agency over their own stories and the potrayal of Africa. So far, the organization has published over 200 podcast episodes, 3 seasons of its video series & toured across Kenya, Zimbabwe, France & Dubai. Legally Clueless Africa’s group therapy sessions have seen over 100 people attend them across 2023, it has over 1000 Africans subscribed to its newsletter & over 700 people have attended the LCA digital content workshops.

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