Lipa Later has made a donation to the Crevit Mulier Fund, a subsidiary of Crevit Mulier & Co, to support victims of sexual & gender based violence (SGBV).

The Crevit Mulier Fund is a socio-legal enterprise to empower marginalised women and survivors of SGBV. They develop digital tools and devices to access financial resources, promote legal education, legal aid and financial security.

Speaking during the launch of a book by New York & Nairobi based lawyer and founder of Crevit Mulier, Lanji Ouko- Awori & media personality Adelle Onyango, Our Broken Silence, Eric Muli CEO Lipa Later said “Congratulations Jolie and Adelle for this milestone. It’s inspiring that we have judicial support with us as progress is a slow process and we need to believe in it. Having had a chance to read the stories in the book it’s my prayer that the stories in the book will inspire us to look into helping victims of SGBV. As a businessman, you can count on my support for this initiative”

Through the partnership and donation by Lipa Later, the Crevit Mulier Fund will kick off the initial project of furnishing a newly constructed home of a survivor of domestic violence in Meru. The partnership will ensure women within identified safehouses, communities and women groups access products from Lipa Later at a more affordable rate over 12months.

Speaking at the event, Hon. Chief Justice Martha Koome said, “SGBV has always been viewed as just a women’s issue, but this book tells us that this is a societal issue. In Kenya, over 40pc of women are likely to face SGBV with 1 in 5 girls forced to undergo child marriage or FGM. Reports also show that Cases of SGBV had increased more than 25pc in 2020 than the previous year which was one of the effects of home confinement. I am especially proud that these two ladies are tackling a topic nobody wants to talk about head on. She made the clarion call to the Youth to take up the challenge and be in the forefront to tell the African Story.”

‘Our Broken Silence” is an in-depth collection of stories about sexual violence in East Africa, by Lanji Ouko- Awori and Adelle Onyango. The book features stories from pre-colonial Kenya, Independent Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania will be available online and at all leading bookshops countrywide.

Lipa Later is a buy now, pay later platform that allows retailers to sell goods and services to consumers in affordable monthly instalments.  It is the leading third-party instalment plan for retailers in East Africa and currently operates in Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Nigeria.  The company’s product offering allows for both online and offline integration with retailers and both online and offline sales platforms including mobile wallets for consumers.

LipaLater recently raised Ksh. 1.4 billion (USD 12 million) investment from a consortium of investors. These include Cauris Finance, Lateral Frontiers VC, GreenHouse Capital, SOSV IV LLC, Sayani Investments and Axian Financial Services. The funding will help Lipa Later expand within its current markets and into new markets such as Ghana and Tanzania.