As a freelance writer, my days are never the same. Some days are hectic while others are easy. Since I work from home most of the time, I rely on delivery services often when my schedule is hectic. If I need anything such as groceries, I order them online. Like most people, I used to use MPESA to pay for things. However, since I discovered the Loop app, my life was never the same again. It’s not only cheaper than other mobile money apps but also it helps me manage my money better.

 Loop is essentially a digital banking service that allows users to carry out a wide range of transactions, get loans, invest, set financial goals and track their expenditures. The app is ideal for millennials and Gen Zs who are earning an income and want to take charge of their financial standing. One of my goals for the year was to be more financially responsible and the Loop app has helped achieve this. I have managed to keep track of my spending as well as set my financial goals on the app.

I decided to do a cost comparison so as to establish whether Loop is actually cheaper than M-Pesa and this was my experience on a day as a Looper.

Mondays are usually the busiest days in my life, this is because I like to plan out everything that I am supposed to handle during the week. This is due to the fact that after logging off for the weekend, I start my week off feeling refreshed which helps me work more efficiently and achieve more.

On Mondays, I usually work from the Baraza Media Lab a co-working space on Riverside Drive. Being that I am yet to save enough money to buy a Porsche, I have to get a cab from my place which is usually ranges between Ksh. 500 – 800 depending on the traffic conditions. When paying via the Loop app it cost me about Ksh. 12 which is coincidentally the same as Mpesa.

I got to the office bright and early and ready to start the day, luckily, I found that my gang had already arrived. I have to say that I enjoy working with them because over time I have gotten the best ideas during our brainstorming sessions. We have this tradition where the last person to get to the office is the one who has to buy breakfast for the rest of the gang.  Sadly, on this particular day, I was the last one to arrive, so I had no option but to oblige all the while making a mental note not to be late again. From Chapos to Samosas our order from the cafeteria came to about Ksh. 1,100. I promptly paid via te Loop app at a transaction cost of Ksh. 18 which would have been Ksh. 22 had I used M-Pesa.

After the hearty breakfast, we got down to work and on this particular day, I managed to clear a backlog of work which had been pending for some time. My concentration levels must have been so high that I did not notice the time passing by, because it seemed like as soon as I sat down that it was already afternoon. I guess that comes with doing something that you actually love, because at times when I am in the ‘zone’ I can write for hours on end. I would have continued writing were it not for my crew insisting that we needed to grab a bite as we stretched our legs. My pal Cynthia suggested we check out a new joint in the neighborhood which was within a walking distance. After a delicous meal of fish and ugali our total bill came to Ksh. 3,500 which we decided to split amongst ourselves. Since I didn’t have physical cash on me, I requested the others to give me their money in cash form so that I could pay via Mobile money. It cost me Ksh. 36 to pay while via M-Pesa it would have cost me about Ksh. 51.

Back at the office, we decided to brainstorm on a campaign that we wanted to pitch to a client since we were not feeling very productive after taking a heavy lunch. Surprisingly we came up with some very good ideas which reminded me as to why I like coming to the office despite the commute. As we were going through the various ideas, a call came in from my Mum where she was reminding me that I had promised to help her shop for a new Tv. Her old set had decided to call it quits after serving her for over a decade and she simply couldn’t do without her daily dose of news. After consulting with my Njoro pal who happens to sell electronics, I settled on the 60-inch TCL which has some awesome features but most importantly fitted her budget. I called back my Mum and after a brief conversation where I took time to explain the reason why I settled on a brand that she had never heard of LOL. Anyway, she decided to trust my choice but with a warning that should it have any issues I would have to get a replacement from my pocket. This was not withstanding that the Telly came with a warranty. Anyway, I told her to send the funds directly to my Loop account since it is free of charge.

By this time, it was already 4 PM and I decided to leave early so that I could pass by Njoro’s shop in town so that I could get a look at the Tv before making a purchase. When I got to the shop, I absolutely loved the Tv and quickly made the purchase so that it could be delivered the same day. The Tv cost me Ksh. 60,000 and it cost me about Ksh. 48 which was cheap considering I would have been charged Ksh. 105 had I used M-Pesa.

Check out this comparison of the fees for both the Send Money and Paybill option.

Send Money Option


Amount Range Loop Fee M-Pesa Fee
50 – 100 Free Free
101 – 500 5.75 6
501 – 1000 11.50 12
1001 – 1500 17.25 22
1501 – 2500 28.75 32
2501 – 3500 34.50 51


46 55
5,001-7,500 46 75
7,501-10,000 46 87
10,001-15,000 46 97
15,001-20,000 46 102
20,001-35,000 46 105
35,001-50,000 46 105
50,001-150,000 46 105


Paybill Option


Amount Range Loop Fee M-Pesa Fee
50 – 100 Free Free
101 – 500 3 5
501 – 1000 9 10
1001 – 1500 12 15
1501 – 2500 17 20
2501 – 3500 23 25


32 34
5,001-7,500 39 42
7,501-10,000 43 48
10,001-15,000 43 57
15,001-20,000 57 62
20,001-25,000 57 67
25,001-30,000 57 72
30,001-35,000 57 83
35,001-40,000 92 99
40,001-45,000 101 103
45,000 & Above 101 108

All in all, making payments via the Loop App is definitely cheaper than using M-Pesa. One can find both Mobile Money to Till and Paybill under the Pay By Code option on the app.